ZWO T2 Camera Tilt Adjuster II
 ZWO T2 Camera Tilt Adjuster IIZWO T2 Camera Tilt Adjuster II 

ZWO T2 Camera Tilt Adjuster II

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About this product

Model:  zwo_t2_tilter
Part Number:  ZWO-T2-Tilter-II

Updated Tilt Adjuster for your ZWO or T thread equipped camera to help reduce Newton Rings whilst solar imaging or adjusting for tilt in your imaging train.

The new ZWO Tilter-II adds multiple screw holes to help connect to ZWO EFW (compatible with 2 EFW filter wheel). The ZWO T2 Tilter II has a T2 interface on both sides. The male T2 adapter ring can be removed from the Tilter.


  • Diameter: 78mm
  • Interface: T2 (M42*0.75 thread) Female on camera side, Male on scope side. Female both sides with T2/T2 adaptor removed.
  • Height: 13mm with T2/T2 adaptor, 11mm with this removed.
  • Fits all ASI cameras except ASI071, ASI2600 and ASI6200.

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ZWO T2 Camera Tilt Adjuster II
31 July 2021  | 

This product looks good, feels good, and is very well made.
There are other types out there that are either cheap or more expensive. But this one fits nicely in between the two.

Although I have not had the chance to use it because of a change in the weather (don't you hate it when that happens, when you get new gear) I haven't used it with my QUARK and GPCAM3 290M. But looking at it. I know it will rid me of those vexing Newtons Rings we see when imaging in Ha.

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Let there be light
19 October 2020  | 

bought this to eliminate interference pattern i was getting imaging the sun, had to apply a lot of tilt and still hasn't reduced the interference totally but can get rid of remaining pattern with flat fields, I noticed that with large degrees of tilt that light enters through the gap created by tilting so black electrical tape needs to be applied around the perimeter of the 2 rings

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Removing newton rings
17 December 2019  | 

I have been using a ZWO ASI178 mono to do solar imaging and for whatever reason this camera suffers from very pronounced Newton rings. After careful adjustment this ZWO tilt plate removes the rings by tilting the camera sensor.. It works well.


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