ZWO ASI 1600MM-Pro USB 3.0 Mono Camera
ZWO ASI 1600MM-Pro USB 3.0 Mono CameraZWO ASI 1600MM-Pro USB 3.0 Mono CameraZWO ASI 1600MM-Pro USB 3.0 Mono Camera

ZWO ASI 1600MM-Pro USB 3.0 Mono Camera

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✓ 2 year warranty


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About this product

Model:  zwo_asi1600mm-pro
Part Number:  ASI1600MM-PRO

New 'PRO' version features a 256MB memory buffer for improved image transfer.

ZWO are well known for their lunar, solar and planetary imaging cameras but the ASI 1600MM, with it’s large (4/3” diagonal) cooled sensor, is aimed at deep-sky imagers. 

Imaging with CMOS sensors requires a different approach to traditional CCD sensors, tests suggest more frames / shorter exposures work better than less frames / longer exposures. This takes advantage of the CMOS sensor's very low read noise and stacking more frames suits the type of data CMOS sensors produce (12 or 14-bit, rather than the 16-bit we are used to). 

From a practical point of view the ASI1600’s large sensor means those using 1.25” filters will need to mount them as close to the sensor as possible. Flat frames can be used to even out uneven illumination at the frame edges.

Includes an M42 extender ring that, when removed, shortens the back focus distance to only 6.5mm. 


  • 4/3" 16 Megapixels CMOS Sensor
  • 256MB DDR3 Memory Buffer
  • Regulated two-stage Tec-Cooling: 40-45 degree below ambient temperature
  • Very low read noise - 1.2e @30db gain
  • 12Bit ADC - provides real 12bit dynamic range
  • Electronic shutter - no issues with vibrations sometimes found in mechanical shutters
  • USB3.0 Port (back compatible with USB2.0) - 14.7fps@4656x3520  124.5fps@320X240
  • AR coated protective window - all light can pass
  • Compatible with Windows / Mac OS / Linux

DDR Memory Buffer

ZWO Pro cameras feature a 256MB DDR3 memory buffer to help maintain data transfer stability and reduce amp-glow issues caused by the slow data transfer speed when using a USB2.0 port. 

All ZWO cameras include a 2-year warranty. 

Camera Field of View Simulator

Astrophotography Performance

The ASI1600 Pro offers very good astrophotography performance - low read noise, low dark current and high dynamic range.

QE Graph

Proposed QE peak value is more than 60%.

Dark Current

Reliable Mechanical Structure

The ASI1600 Pro uses 4 screws to seal the internal chamber - this has been fully tested and is very stable.

Even under high humidity conditions the ASI1600 performs well with no dew problems.


USB 3.0 Port & USB2.0 Hub

USB 3.0 Port: Provides 5Gb bandwidth to make it possible for the ASI1600 Pro to run at 14.7 fps (12bit, normal mode) or 19 fps (23bit, high speed mode)  at full resolution (11.7Mega).

We recommend a 12V DC adapter capable of 3A~5A or more for the cooler power supply (2.1*5.5, center positive). A battery from 9-15V is also suitable for cooling power supply.

USB 2.0 HUB: Can be used to connect with various accessories, such as filter wheel, guide camera and electronic focuser, so you can manage your cables better with the USB2.0 hub. There are 2 short 0.5m USB2.0 cables supplied with the ASI1600 Pro. The hub can provide power from the external power supply if used.



The ASI1600 Pro has a 2-stage TEC cooling system to enable cooling down to 40-45°C below ambient. An external power supply is required to run the cooler which is not supplied.


Mechanical Drawing

Connection Drawing


  1. M43-T2 adapter 
  2. EOS-T2 adapter 
  3. 2”Filter (optional)
  4. 1.25” T-Mount 
  5. 1.25” Filter (optional)
  6. M42-1.25” Filter (optional)
  7. T2 extender 11mm
  8. M42-M48 extender 16.5mm
  9. T2-T2 adapter
  10. EFW mini
  11. EOS adapter for EFW+1600


What's in the box

  • ASI1600MM Camera
  • Soft Padded Case
  • T2-1.25" Nosepiece Adapter
  • 1.25" Cap
  • 2-metre USB 3.0 Cable
  • USB 2.0 Short Cable x2
  • T2-1.25" Adapter
  • T2 Extender 21mm
  • T2-M48 16.5mm Extender
  • M42-M48 Adapter
  • Spacers x2
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Driver CD


Sensor 4/3″ CMOS
Diagonal 21.9mm
Resolution 16Mega Pixels 4656×3520
Pixel Size 3.8µm
Max FPS at full resolution 23FPS
Exposure Range 32µs-2000s
Read Noise 1.2e @30db gain
QE peak TBD
Full well 20ke
ADC 12bit
Interface USB3.0/USB2.0
Adaptor 2″ / 1.25″ / M42X0.75
Protect window AR window
Dimensions 78mm Diameter
Weight 410g
Back Focus Distance 6.5mm
Cooling Regulated Two Stage TEC
Delta T 40-45 below ambient
Cooler Power consumption 12V at 2A Max


Supported Resolutions:

12Bit ADC

  • 4656×3520 14.7fps
  • 3840×2160 23.1fps
  • 1920×1680 32.9fps
  • 1280×960 47.1fps
  • 640×480 80.4fps
  • 320×240 124.4fps

10Bit ADC

  • 4656×3520 23fps
  • 3840×2160 36.2fps
  • 1920×1680 57.7fps
  • 1280×960 73.6fps
  • 640×480 125.7fps
  • 320×240 192.4fps

Additional resolutions can be user defined.

Downloads / Manuals

The following manuals and downloads are available for this product:


ZWO Software and Drivers


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Solid performance so far
25 May 2020  | 

Upgraded from an SBIG 8300M. Happy with the build quality. The supplied spacers made it easy to align the ZWO OAG (and EFW). Pleasantly surprised that it has a high enough frame rate that I can use it to take full disk lunar and solar images with my setup. Didnít know that before I bought it. From the few deep space Iíve taken so far (albeit itís not a great time of the year to showcase) Iím happy with the investment. Granted Iíve just taken some Ha. Didnít do a side by side with the 8300M but id say they are pretty comparable in detail and what little noise and glow gets processed out with bias and darks.

Iíve basically replaced everything I had with ZWO and I like how it all just fits and works together. Looking forward to running all this via an ASIAIR whenever that arrives.

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Great value
17 November 2019  | 

Used only stock DSLR camera before with my SW ED80 and decided to get down the rabbit hole with a mono camera. I'm really impressed about the results that I got so far. The sensor is very sensible and capture so much details with same exposure length, comparing with a DSLR.

The AMP glow is low but you can cancel that with darks. I strongly recommend to be very careful with darks. Take down the camera and be absolutely sure there is no way for light to sneak inside. Otherwise it will ruin your post-process. I shot the darks on my telescope during the night in my backyard observatory, but even so, some light got inside. The only way I found practical was the fridge. Don't laugh, it makes sense - It's cold and dark

I recommend to get the anti-dew heater strip to avoid any surprises!

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Almost a perfect camera.
17 August 2018  | 

The build quality of the camera is good. The camera is very very low noise and its immediately apparent in the detail gathered even while framing targets using very short subs. The sensor is large for the price point but still allows for use of 1.25 inch filters. The only reason I give 4 stars and not 5 stars is the distracting micro lens diffraction pattern caused by the lack or AR coating on the integrated sensor cover glass. A problem common to other cameras using this sensor type. All in all I highly recommend the ASI1600mm pro.

Rating (max 5):  
First Time User
27 June 2018  | 

I have used a DSLR for astrophotography for years. Decided to take a leap and go for a dedicated mono cooled CCD/CMOS camera. Only tried it for moonshots so far but wow what a difference. The image quality is superb. Cant wait to try LRGB and Narrowband imaging when then skies get darker.


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