ZWO Finder-Guider & ASI120MM-Mini Bundle

ZWO Finder-Guider & ASI120MM-Mini Bundle
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Tried & trusted ZWO auto-guiding solution.

Compatible with the new ZWO ASiair smiley

The ZWO finder-guider scope has a faster f/ratio than 50mm finder-guiders and 1.44x more light gathering ability! Features include a multicoated 60mm f4.67 objective lens and rotating helical focuser. Includes a Vixen-Style dovetail so can be easily mounted onto a suitable side-by-side bar or, if you prefer to piggy back it atop your existing scope, you could use a female to female dovetail adapter. Also includes a finder-shoe type dovetail that fits the finder-shoe fitted to most Sky-Watcher, Celestron and Orion telescopes. 

The ZWO ASI120MM-Mini is a very capable guide camera (also suitable for lunar & planetary photography) with peak QE of 75% (better than the ICX618) and no Fixed-Patter-Noise! Supports 35FPS at it's maximum 1280X960 resolution and long time exposures up to 1000s! 

All ZWO products include a 2-year warranty. 

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