Astro Essentials Canon EF Lens to T2 Adapter for CMOS/CCD Cameras
 Astro Essentials Canon EF Lens to T2 Adapter for CMOS/CCD CamerasAstro Essentials Canon EF Lens to T2 Adapter for CMOS/CCD Cameras 

Astro Essentials Canon EF Lens to T2 Adapter for CMOS/CCD Cameras

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Model:  ae_canon-ef_t2_adptr

Enables you to fit your EOS lens to a CMOS or CCD imaging camera. 

Works with all Canon EF lenses (full-format & APS-C) or Canon EF fitting lens from third-party manufacturers, like Sigma. 

The T2 male thread on the camera side provides easy connection to the camera of your choice. 

A 1.25" filter adapter with M28.5 thread is also included.  (Cameras with larger sensors will show vignetting when used with 1.25" filters). 

Canon EF lenses require a sensor to flange distance of 44mm.  The adapter has a thickness of 19mm so to achieve the necessary 44mm spacing an extension/spacer tube will be required.  For example, if the camera's sensor is set 17.5mm inside its body (i.e. a ZWO ASI1600 or ASI294 with their 11mm spacer fitted) then 44mm - 19mm - 17.5mm = 7.5mm.  In this instance the Baader 7.5mm spacer will be perfect! 

The base of the adapter includes a regular 1/4" photo tripod thread (also three M5 threads) so will fit directly to a photo tripod or piggyback adapter.  Another two M5 threads are on the top outer edge. 

Machined from black-anodised aluminium. 

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Adapter ef to canon
12 September 2022  | 

Bought this together with the associated spacer and it all fits together perfectly, so why 4 not 5 stars? To directly fit it in line with your vixen or losmandy bar you need two types of screws. Why do that? To improve it, FLO could put the fixings in the associated products which would give you a clue.

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Works well and feels robust.
16 November 2021  | 

The mounting is well machined and finished. Its a simple device with a rotating locking ring that creates a screw down pressure fit on the lens to secure it. As in the previous review the rotation of the locking ring is in the same direction as you would turn the camera lens to remove it. This isn't what you would expect, you wold expect the opposite. So when you try and lock the ring if you don't hold the lens it can start to rotate out of the lens adapter. For a small lens in my case 50mm, 85mm and probably bigger this isn't so much of a concern holding the lens and rotating the lock ring definitely works but it may leave you concerned about bigger more expensive lenses. Also some old 50mm lens have plastic lens mounts and these might show wear rather than metal camera mounts found on most lenses. I coupled it with a t-thread to 1.25" holder for a planetary camera for some wider field of view shots and its all worked well nothing has come lose and its good value for money given it also mounts to a standard camera tripod thread removing the need to buy more rings and adapters.

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Great little device
16 November 2020  | 

This device works great for attaching an astronomy camera to a Canon Lens. The device is machined nicely and the way it holds the lens is different . Dies not connect to the lens in the normal way like a lens attaches to the camera mount. Instead the lens is held by friction and there is a ring that can ne tightened which holds the lens snugly. Worked perfectly with my Samyang 135 F2 lens. Just what I wanted.

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11 May 2020  | 

The ‘standard’ ZWO camera clamp works fine with light weight Canon EOS lenses. The wide angle Sigma 8-16mm lens is very heavy and I was unhappy supporting it via the camera clamp. The Astro Essentials adaptor removes the load from the camera to the lens bayonet fitting. Unlike the standard Canon EOS locking pin arrangement it relies on a threaded locking flange that clamps the lens by friction. This is where the design falls apart. The fixed and rotating locking flange are the same diameter and very close together making it difficult to achieve a satisfactory locking force. It is quite easy when adjusting the lens focal distance to inadvertently unscrew the lens from the adaptor…

I have no idea how you could free it off if you did manage to over tighten it.

Nice idea but not worth risking an expensive lens system for. So one for the recycling bin.

One star for the machining quality.


Your feedback has raised concerns here as we have had no negative reports of this adapter so far. We had already tested it on a range of lenses but Rob in our workshop has also checked his range of lenses including some very large ones and found no issues with the strength of this adapter. If used correctly and tightened properly it will hold without any issues.

Perhaps you were not tightening your one sufficiently or it has a machining flaw. If so, please contact us and we would be happy to replace or refund it.


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