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Takahashi Abbe Orthoscopic Eyepieces

Takahashi Abbe Orthoscopic EyepiecesFrom:  £135.00

Takahashi premium Japanese-made 4-element Abbe Orthoscopic eyepieces provides exceptionally sharp high contrasty views. 

Takahashi LE Eyepieces

Takahashi LE EyepiecesFrom:  £175.00

Premium Japanese-made eyepieces featuring Takahashi's proprietary LE design. 

Takahashi TOE Eyepieces

Takahashi TOE Eyepieces£289.00

Takahashi's Japanese-made TOE eyepieces are the ultimate in high magnification visual observation.  

Astro Essentials 1.25'' 2x Barlow with T thread

Astro Essentials 1.25" 2x Barlow with T thread£25.00

This useful 2x Barlow incorporates a T-thread for photography. 

Celestron 2'' Eyepiece & Filter Kit

Celestron 2" Eyepiece & Filter KitPlease Contact Us

Useful 2" Eyepiece & Filter Kit suitable for refractors or SCT's with a 2" focuser.

Celestron Observers Accessory Kit

Celestron Observers Accessory Kit£95.00   £89.00

The Celestron Observer’s Accessory Kit is a great way to expand the functionality and enjoyment of your telescope.

Baader 2'' Nosepiece with Safety Kerf

Baader 2" Nosepiece with Safety Kerf£29.00

Baader ultra-hard 2" nosepiece with safety kerfs to provide superior grip and security from slippage.

Baader Morpheus M43 / SP54 Adapter

Baader Morpheus M43 / SP54 Adapter£24.00

Morpheus® Adapter to convert the Morpheus M43 male top-thread into a SP54 male thread – without adding onto the optical height.

Explore Scientific 62 Series Eyepieces

Explore Scientific 62 Series EyepiecesFrom:  £78.00

For their 62° LER series Explore Scientific have sacrificed maximum field of view (62° is moderate these days) to deliver high performance and premium build quality at an affordable price. 

BST StarGuider 2x Short Barlow Lens

BST StarGuider 2x Short Barlow Lens£49.00

This compact 1.25 BST StarGuider 2x barlow with fully multicoated 3-element air-spaced optics features enhanced colour correction, high contrast and excellent light transmission.

Vixen HR Planetary Eyepieces

Vixen HR Planetary Eyepieces£249.00

New 3.4mm Due Mid/Late-June

Specifically designed for the observation of fine details on the surface of the planets and the moon.

Masuyama Ultra-Premium Japanese Eyepieces

Masuyama Ultra-Premium Japanese EyepiecesFrom:  £225.00

Legendary Japanese Masuyama eyepieces are back!

16mm / 85º, 26mm / 85º, 32mm / 85º, 45mm / 53º, 50mm / 53º and 60mm / 46º now available.

Explore Scientific 2x Barlow / Focal Extender 1.25''

Explore Scientific 2x Barlow / Focal Extender 1.25"£76.00

Explore Scientific premium 1.25" 2x Barlow / Tele-Extender an excellent choice for visual observations and astrophotography.

Explore Scientific 2x Barlow / Focal Extender 2''

Explore Scientific 2x Barlow / Focal Extender 2"£142.00   £139.00

Explore Scientific premium 2" 2x Barlow / Tele-Extender an excellent choice for visual observations and astrophotography.

Explore Scientific 92 LER Series 2'' Eyepieces

Explore Scientific 92 LER Series 2" Eyepieces£378.00

The Explore Scientific 92° Argon 17mm LE Eyepiece is the first in the line of Explore Scientific's 92° range of Argon-purged eyepieces.  These eyepieces are designed to balance the modern demands of field sharpness over a wide apparent field, with long eye relief, which is of particular benefit to those who wear glasses while observing. 

Explore Scientific 120 2'' 9mm Eyepiece

Explore Scientific 120 2" 9mm Eyepiece£892.00

"It’s truly an amazing experience using this eyepiece." BBC Sky @ Night magazine

Explore Scientific 68 Series Eyepieces

Explore Scientific 68 Series EyepiecesFrom:  £111.00

Super-Wide 68° Apparent Field Of View and waterproof construction with Argon-purged interiors for protection against the elements. 

Explore Scientific 82 Series Eyepieces

Explore Scientific 82 Series EyepiecesFrom:  £119.00

These impressive 82° UWA eyepieces deliver the same optical characteristics as their hugely popular 68° series, over a wider Apparent Field Of View. 

Explore Scientific 100 Series 2'' Eyepieces

Explore Scientific 100 Series 2" EyepiecesFrom:  £257.00

The Explore Scientific 100° series are hyper-wide-angle (for want of a better word) eyepieces that offer a fully immersive viewing experience. 

Myriad MWA 100/110 Eyepieces

Myriad MWA 100/110 EyepiecesFrom:  £159.00

The Myriad eyepiece range feature ultra-wide-angle apparent fields of 100 or 110 degrees,

Baader 35mm Eudiascopic ED Eyepiece

Baader 35mm Eudiascopic ED Eyepiece£139.00

The Japanese-made Baader Eudiascopic ED eyepiece is designed for maximum performance, not an inflated field of view. 

Hyperflex 7.2mm-21.5mm Eyepiece

Hyperflex 7.2mm-21.5mm Eyepiece£119.00

High-performance zoom eyepiece providing a flat field of view and crisp, clear, distortion-free images. Features a continuous focal length of 7.2mm to 21.5mm and a corresponding apparent field of view of 60°-40°.

Baader 2'' Zoom Eyepiece Upgrade Kit

Baader 2" Zoom Eyepiece Upgrade Kit£37.00

2" upgrade kit that allows every 1.25" Hyperion Zoom eyepiece to be upgraded to have a 2" barrel.

Vixen SLV Eyepieces

Vixen SLV Eyepieces£99.00

The new Vixen SLV series are premium quality eyepieces with high-grade fully multi-coated Lanthanum glass for bright, high contrast views.

Seven elements in four groups with 20mm eye-relief. 

Skywatcher 12.5mm Illuminated Reticle Eyepiece

Skywatcher 12.5mm Illuminated Reticle Eyepiece£49.00

This multi-function Skywatcher Plossl eyepiece features a laser-etched, double line crosshair reticle with a built-in battery powered red LED illuminator.

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