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Celestron CGX Equatorial Mount & Tripod

Celestron CGX Equatorial Mount & Tripod£1,995.00

"We really enjoyed using the new CGX mount. It is well designed and well engineered, easy to operate and gives great tracking for both visual and imaging purposes and can be highly recommended."  Paul Money writing for 'BBC Sky at Night' magazine Feb 2017. 

Celestron CGX Equatorial 8'' (800) SCT Telescope

Celestron CGX Equatorial 8" (800) SCT Telescope£3,199.00

New Celestron CGX 8" SCT Telescope

Celestron's tried & trusted 8" SCT telescope on the all-new state of the art CGX computerised equatorial mount. 

Celestron CGX Equatorial 9.25'' (925) SCT Telescope

Celestron CGX Equatorial 9.25" (925) SCT Telescope£3,495.00

New Celestron CGX 9.25" SCT Telescope

Celestron's highly regarded C9.25 SCT on their all-new CGX mount. 

Celestron CGX Equatorial 11'' (1100) SCT Telescope

Celestron CGX Equatorial 11" (1100) SCT Telescope£3,999.00   £3,599.00

New Celestron CGX 11" SCT Telescope

The 11" aperture delivers 89% more light gathering power than an 8" telescope and more than 40% more than the 9.25".

Celestron CGX Equatorial 8'' (800) EdgeHD Telescope

Celestron CGX Equatorial 8" (800) EdgeHD Telescope£3,495.00

New Celestron CGX 8" EdgeHD Telescope

CGX 800 HD combines Celestron's all-new CGX computerised equatorial mount with its acclaimed EdgeHD optical system. 

Celestron CGX Equatorial 9.25'' (925) EdgeHD Telescope

Celestron CGX Equatorial 9.25" (925) EdgeHD Telescope£4,895.00

New Celestron CGX 9.25" EdgeHD Telescope

Over 9 inches of aperture, premium EdgeHD optics and the all-new CGX mount - very nice! 

Celestron CGX Equatorial 11'' (1100) EdgeHD Telescope

Celestron CGX Equatorial 11" (1100) EdgeHD Telescope£5,845.00

New Celestron CGX 11" EdgeHD Telescope

11" aperture, EdgeHD Aplanatic Schmidt optics, and the all-new CGX mount. An impressive combination! 

Celestron CGX Equatorial 11'' (1100) Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph (RASA) Telescope

Celestron CGX Equatorial 11" (1100) Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph (RASA) Telescope£5,495.00

New Celestron CGX 11" RASA Telescope

Super-fast 11" f/2.2 Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt optics and Celestron's all-new CGX mount. A very capable combination that is best suited to experienced astronomers. 

Celestron StarSense Accessory for Celestron Mounts

Celestron StarSense Accessory for Celestron Mounts£289.00

The revolutionary technology in the award-winning SkyProdigy telescope is now available for all Celestron computerized telescope including the SLT, SE, CG5-GT, VX, CGEM, CPC, Evolution & CGX series. 

No need for a laptop. The StarSense is a standalone device, the clever processing and wizardry is onboard. 

Celestron CGX-L Equatorial Mount & Tripod

Celestron CGX-L Equatorial Mount & Tripod£3,479.00

Available Now!

Celestron's new flagship mount, the Celestron CGX-L, is essentially a larger more heavy-duty version of their CGX. 

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