Baader ClickLock M75a x 1 for Feather Touch 3'' Focusers

Baader ClickLock M75a x 1 for Feather Touch 3" Focusers

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Model:  baad_clicklock-m75a-2956275
Part Number:  2956275

Baader 2″ ClickLock M75a x clamp – for Starlight Instruments Feathertouch 3.0″ focusers with M75 x 1 female thread.

Consisting of M68a x 1 ClickLock clamp (# 2956268) and M68i x 1 to M75a x 1 Inverter (# 2458238)


The Baader Planetarium 2" Click-Lock Eyepiece Clamp brings eyepiece holders into the 21st century. With a simple twist, 2" eyepieces and accessories are instantly locked with such strength that they can literally support an entire telescope without slippage. Simply grip the rubber-knurled outer collar and lightly twist. Easy. 


  • 3-point clamping guarantees consistent centering and the complete absence of wobble.
  • No-marring of your fine eyepieces and accessories.
  • Knurled clamp lever is also provided for added convenience.
  • 20 degree rotation is all that is required. Very low force required to rotate.
  • Ratchet function – features acoustic and haptic display of the clamp-position. This way you can hear and feel in darkness without looking if the clamp is opened or closed.

Each Click-Lock is provided with the necessary wrench to enable adjusting the rotation of the clamp for positioning the lever in the most convenient location.

Optical height:  39.5mm

Weight:  191g

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