Hotech 1.25'' Self-Centering (SCA) T-Adapter
 Hotech 1.25'' Self-Centering (SCA) T-AdapterHotech 1.25'' Self-Centering (SCA) T-Adapter 

Hotech 1.25" Self-Centering (SCA) T-Adapter

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Model:  hotech_1-25_T-adapter

The Hotech SCA T-Adapter is the BEST camera T-adapter available! 

The unique Self-Centering Adapter (SCA) mechanism provides repeatable and reliable connection between your telescope and camera. 

Places your camera closer to the optical axis than any other T-adapter for the best imaging results. 

Beautifully made with a built-in 1.25” filter thread.

"The thing just works. No matter what kind of attachment system your focuser drawtube has (single set-screw, compression ring, etc.), the device works the same. Screw your camera onto its T-threads and slide it into your drawtube. Then twist the big, black, knurled knob to compress the O-rings. Give it a few good twists and what once might have been a jiggly connection becomes rock solid. I might as well have epoxied the camera onto the focuser drawtube. Well, had I, I’d never get the camera off, but here all you do is untwist that knurled ring and then slide the camera out.

Great idea and great solution to a vexing problem. Well done Hotech!"

Craig Stark of Stark Labs

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