Howie Glatter Parallizer

Howie Glatter Parallizer

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Model:  hg-parallizer-ea20-205p
Part Number:  EA20-205P

Sky &Telescope Hot Product 2012  

The Howie Glatter Parallizer is an innovative 2-to-1¼-inch adapter with a patented mechanism that precisely centres and squares your eyepiece, collimation device or camera to the telescope's optical axis.

Threaded to accept standard 2-inch filters. 

Consistent, repeatable parallel alignment of accessories within a drawtube or focuser is important for imaging and for collimating, and it has become even more critical with the popularity of ultra-fast focal ratios, larger image chips, and precision collimating tools. 

There is a misconception that the problem of the cylindrical slip-fit system we use for eyepieces and other optical accessories is centring. There are adapters and holders on the market that are advertised as "centring" or "self-centring", but even if an accessory is pushed off-centre by a millimetre it will not introduce a significant problem if the accessory and holder axis remain parallel. In contrast, angular misalignment between the accessory and the drawtube axis of even a few arc minutes can be detrimental, especially for collimation and imaging. The bottom line is that centring is nice, but parallelism is golden. 

The Parallizer™ 2 inch-to-1.25 inch adapter has a patented design that insures precise parallel alignment between a 2” drawtube and a 1.25” accessory. It works by clamping each cylindrical surface between two parallel straight edges, in order to secure stable alignment. It is like dropping a cylinder into a V-block : totally wiggle-free. 

Because the inner and outer straight edges are parallel with each other to a high accuracy, precision alignment between the drawtube and the accessory is assured. The adapter's non-marring clamp screw is set at 45 degrees, pushing the accessory down against the adapter flange when tightened. The Parallizer has zero in-focus loss, and doesn’t require a clearance slot in a drawtube to seat fully. It is threaded for 48mm (2") filters. 

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26 November 2018  | 

Good product. Simple and effective.

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Glatter Parallizer
02 May 2018  | 

Cleverly designed and beautifully machined accessory which ensures that collimating tools as well as eyepieces locate always in precisely the same place, with no possibility of any tilt. Also, the top is countersunk, so that no extra height is added to the focusser tube. Make sure you have enough outward adjustment of focus! Well recommended.

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30 April 2018  | 

This is parallizer perfect for centering lasers, cats eys etc.

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Howie Glatter
26 May 2014  | 

If you're hesitating and thinking that this is another gimmick gadget, then you're in for a surprise. It really does work and will enhance your observing . It's a wonderfully engineered adapter and given the angle of the ep securing bolt is easy to use at night without unscrewing anything else by mistake. I check collimation. Now and again , even in refractors this will look out with focuser slop. This holds eps dead centre to the ota, it is firm enough to hold zoom eps


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