TS  M90x1 Tube Adaptor for Skywatcher Refractor Telescopes

TS M90x1 Tube Adaptor for Skywatcher Refractor Telescopes

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Model:  ts_sk96-m90
Part Number:  SK96-M90

TS  M90x1 Adaptor for Skywatcher Evostar / Startravel refractor telescopes with 80 mm or larger apertures. 

Use this to replace the standard focuser on your Skywatcher refractor telescope with a TS-Optics 2.5" R&P focuser or any other focuser equipped with an M90x1 female thread on the telescope side.

The adapter fits directly to the Sky-Watcher Evostar 80 ED refractor tube.

Larger refractors (ED100/ED120 etc.) have a reduction adaptor on the tube. This M90 adapter fits into the reduction adaptor.

On the focuser side, the adapter has a ring dovetail, suitable for the ring dovetail of the focuser.

The TS 2.5" RAP focusers include a 2" to 1.25" adapter and an M63x1 female thread for the screw connection of popular field flatteners. In addition, the focusers also offer a finder shoe that can accommodate your finderscope.


  • Fits all Skywatcher refractor telescopes (achromat and ED) with 80mm and larger aperture
  • Fits all Skywatcher refractors with 96 mm to 97 mm inner diameter, either directly on the tube or via the reduction adapter on the tube
  • Mounting via three screws on the tube (screws are not included)
  • Connection of focuser: M90x1 male thread, fitting to the female thread of the focuser

NOTE: Price does not include focuser smiley

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