ZWO Filter Drawer for Canon EOS Lenses
ZWO Filter Drawer for Canon EOS LensesZWO Filter Drawer for Canon EOS LensesZWO Filter Drawer for Canon EOS Lenses

ZWO Filter Drawer for Canon EOS Lenses

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About this product

Model:  zwo_eos_fd
Part Number:  ZWO-FD-EOS

New Filter Drawer for Canon EOS Lenses and ASI Cooled Cameras

Independently designed by ZWO, this handy filter drawer makes it easy to use 2" filters between a Canon EOS lens and a ZWO cooled camera.

Compatible with all ZWO cooled cameras with a 17.5mm back focus (excludes GT series).

Compatible with all ZWO 2" filters and most after market filters as long as they are within the sizes shown below:

Magnetised for a strong, secure hold of the filter drawer and easy filter swaps.

M42 / T threaded interface to the camera but includes an M54M to M42F adapter to use with full-frame cameras.

Connection Method

1. With ASI1600/294/183/533:

2. With ASI6200/2600/071:

Mechanical Drawing

  • 70mm diameter x 26.5mm thickness
  • M42*0.75 male (external) thread (camera side)
  • M48*0.75 female (internal) thread (filter end)
  • Suitable for 2-inch astronomical filters


What's in the box

  • Filter Drawer Holder
  • 2" Filter Drawer
  • M54M to M42F Adapter

Customer reviews

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ZWO filter drawer to DSLR lenses
18 December 2023  | 

So pleased with my filter drawer. 100% happy. Fast delivery

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Very happy with the adapter
16 November 2022  | 

I had two options for attaching a Samyang 135 Canon EOS fitting lens to my ASI 533MC-Pro; this ZWO filter drawer or the Astro Essentials Samyang to M48 Adapter.

My inital idea was to get the Astro Essentials adapter and then use my existing ZWO filter drawer with some additonal spacers (need to purchase those too) to get the correct back focus. My thanks goes out to Alex at FLO for sending me a really good explanation of what I would need to purchase to get everything working, as being new to astrophotography I still have trouble getting my head round back focus! The email was a fantastic explanation.

In the end I chose to get the ZWO filter drawer for Canon EOS Lenes for the simple reason of ease of use, as I wouldn't have to do a complete image train breakdown to move the 533 between my RedCat 51 and Samyang 135 len - just unscrew the camera.

The filter drawer looks a good bit of kit and connects to the lens really well and secure, and of course it just screws into the camera. Can't wait to use it now.

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Worthwhile upgrade
08 December 2021  | 

After reading about an ill fitting adapter the new product with filter slider is a welcome upgrade. The adapter fits my Samyang 135mm perfectly. It is odd that the existing ZWO 2" to 1.25" filter adapter does not fit, or so they tell me, however the adapter from my Starizona slider, for RASA 8, fits nicely. Sadly, importing issues now make FLO's prices less attractive for the future, I won't mention the 'b' word.

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Snug fit
08 September 2021  | 

A well made adapter that is as tight as you want it to be. I haven't noticed any tilt with my Samyang 135 so well happy. FLO great service as usual and got it in time for 2 clear nights on the bounce!

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Perfect solution
20 January 2021  | 

I had reserves about buying this as another astro friend said their ZWO / EF adaptor was very questionable.

However, I believe ZWO recently re-designed their adaptors and this one is anything but questionable! The quality is perfect. It fits snug with the EF connection locking in place nicely and easy to unlock. The filter drawer is similar to starizona / Baader filter drawers withmagnets to hold the drawer in place securely.

This drawer holds my Astronomik UV and Narrowband filters and ZWO 533 with no problems. This drawer provides the perfect 44mm back focusing distance needed for EF lenses without any need for spacers or extras

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Very nicely made... but!
18 January 2021  | 

This is just about the only way to have a Canon EF lens reach focus properly with a ZWO camera *and* be able to use filters. However... (no fault of FLO!) the filter drawer in this is completely different to the regular ZWO filter drawer for use with a ZWO camera and telescope. I was really hoping they'd be the same, but they're not - and not compatible. This means I have to unscrew my filter each time I want to swap back and forth. Why ZWO didn't make the drawer the same is beyond me, but there you go - something we have to live with to be able to take filtered images with EF lenses! Well made item, and a satisfying click when the lens attaches, with no wobble. Expensive, but of good quality.


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