10Micron Leonardo BM100 Black or Red (Bino Mount 100)
10Micron Leonardo BM100 Black or Red (Bino Mount 100)10Micron Leonardo BM100 Black or Red (Bino Mount 100)10Micron Leonardo BM100 Black or Red (Bino Mount 100)10Micron Leonardo BM100 Black or Red (Bino Mount 100)

10Micron Leonardo BM100 Black or Red (Bino Mount 100)

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About this product

Model:  10micron_1450100B
Part Number:  1450100B

The BM100 large parallelogram-style binocular mount can accommodate large and heavy binoculars (up to 13.5kg) with ease, without vibration and with comfort, avoiding any neck strain when viewing objects at high altitude. The extreme versatility of the Leonardo-mechanical system enables you to observe any astronomical or terrestrial object conveniently by utilizing it´s 4-axis pointing system.

Friction adjustments, using conveniently placed hand-knobs, in elevation and horizontal rotation enable the user to precisely match the pre-load of the parallelogram for retaining a fluid-movement with varying instrument weights – and to fine-tune all the mount-movements to effectively compensate for accidental shock or sudden intense wind-gusts.

The fourth axis, the “scanning” axis, provides a horizontal left and right movement for the optical instrument over a total viewing angle of 30 degrees. This makes it possible to observe moving targets such as birds, vehicles or satellites anywhere on the horizon, without having to move the parallelogram itself. The instrument platform at the top of the parallelogram is perfectly balanced for effortless elevation movement with each optical instrument reaching to the zenith.

The construction of the LEONARDO mount makes it possible to keep a good distance from the tripod legs at every viewing angle. This helps tremendously, to move freely without stumbling – especially at night.

Regardless of whether the user is standing upright, sitting in a (rolling) chair, or sitting comfortably on a deck chair, the handling and movement of the mount remains highly effective in any position, allowing for comfortable head and body posture.

When designing and manufacturing the Leonardo mount, 10Micron has taken great care has been taken to ensure that all movements of the mount are as smooth and effortless as possible. The quality of construction, and of the parts used, puts this binocular mount above inexpensive parallelogram copies in the market,

Please note: Tripod and binoculars are NOT included.

Available in black or red.

Binoculars are a popular way of scanning and exploring the night sky. Although smaller sized binoculars can be hand-held, larger and heavier aperture binoculars need to be mounted on a rigid and stable platform for stability. This also gives a more comfortable viewing experience as you do not have to hand-hold them. Photographic tripods are often used, however, once the tripods are heightened they can become unstable. Also if you are looking directly above you near the zenith, the position of the binocular can be awkward to look through and can strain your neck. The 10Micron Leonardo BM100 binocular mount helps to solve these problems.

What's in the box

Whats In The Box

  • LEONARDO BM-100 standard package includes
  • stainless steel 3 kg counterweight
  • stainless steel counterweight shaft diam. 30 x 500 mm,
  • two locking screws with “1/4 ” and 3 /8″ photo-thread
  • universal flange-tripod adapter,
  • user manual
  • sturdy cardboard transport box with moulded foam

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