Paramount Taurus Equatorial Fork Mount

Paramount Taurus Equatorial Fork Mount

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Model:  paramount_taurus_me
Part Number:  SB10311

The Paramount Taurus 400 is available without encoders (Taurus 400) or with On Axis Encoders (Taurus 400 OAE)

The Taurus 400 is an equatorial fork mount with a load capacity of 150lbs (70kg) and is designed for Cassegrain telescopes up to 17" aperture and max 70kg total weight.

The mount disassembles into 5 components each weighing less than 45kg.

The OAE features Sub-0.1 arcsecond resolution absolute on-axis encoders to ensure optimal performance.

Other features include

Integrated azimuth and elevation polar alignment adjustments
Fourth-generation control system featuring USB 2.0 computer to mount interface
Belt-driven gears with spring-loaded worm interface results in virtually zero backlash
Ample space for additional through the mount and fork-routed cabling
All standard electronics and through the mount wiring are housed inside the mount
Power supply and PC to mount cabling included
The SkyX Pro with Add Ons feature ProTrackT, Direct GuideT, Super ModelT, All Sky Image LinkT, Closed Loop Slews, and more!

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