AstroMedia Kit - The Small Galileo Telescope

AstroMedia Kit - The Small Galileo Telescope

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Model:  AstroMedia.253.KGT
Part Number:  816.KGT-E

Galileo is famous for being the first man to point a telescope up at the night sky. With this simple kit you can build a cardboard version of the telescope he used in the 17th century. This easy to build kit consists of a cardboard tube and two lenses.

The prepunched kit contains an objective lens with a 225mm focal length and an eyepiece lens with a 35mm focal length. This gives a magnification of 6.4x.

This is a great kit to learn how telescopes work and a fantastic project for groups and school classes. The image will appear upright so the telescope can also be used for day time observations as well as night time observation of the Moon and a number of star clusters including Pleiades, Hyades and the Double Cluster.


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