Lynx Astro Silicone Power Cable 2.1mm DC Jack to 2.1mm DC Jack

Lynx Astro Silicone Power Cable 2.1mm DC Jack to 2.1mm DC Jack

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Model:  lynxastro_2.1mm_2.1mm_pwr_1m

New thinner & more flexible 'Orange' cable!

Premium quality, super flexible, cold resistant silicone power leads in 1 or 2 metre lengths, with 2.1mm centre-positive DC jack to 2.1mm centre-positive DC jack.

Suitable for powering your mount or other compatible accessory from a Lynx Astro 4-port dew controller or Hitec Astro dew controller.

For use with Skywatcher SupaTrak, AZ GoTo, EQ3-2, EQ5, HEQ5 & NEQ6 series mounts.  

Also suitable for ZWO cooled cameras and other astronomy accessories that require a 2.1mm center positive, 12v power supply.

Lynx Astro power cables remain soft and flexible, even in the sub-zero temperatures often experienced by astronomers.

Each lead is individually tested for electrical continuity, shorts and power load during manufacture. 


  • Rated up to 4 Amp.
  • Silicone cable remains soft and flexible, even at sub-zero temperatures, so is less likely to twist and tangle like cheap alternatives.
  • Slimmer and lighter than our regular 'orange' Lynx Astro cables.
  • 2.1mm Jacks have over-long heat-shrink sleeving applied for additional protection against dew and damp.
  • Every lead is individually tested for electrical continuity, shorts and power load during manufacture. 

Please check your product's manual for use and suitability. 

NOTE: Not suitable for use with the Celestron Lithium (LiFePO4) Powertank Pro (it's power out socket is deeper than usual). 

Please note: These cables are unfused. Please ensure your controller or PSU has a suitable fuse or circuit breaker to protect your mount's electronics. We accept no responsibility for equipment damaged as a result of using an incorrect cable, incorrect power orientation or connection without a suitable fuse.

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Lynx Astro Silicone Power Cable
01 February 2024  | 

Great cables for my Cq350 from internal hub to electronic focusers. A little expensive for cables but as they were to relay power from the mount hub I didn't want to risk anything else from the likes of fleebay or amazonian, etc. Great purchases from FLO once more, many thanks.

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Great cable. Great customer support
20 November 2023  | 

I bought these cables to use with my ZWO camera, ASIAR, and AM5. I was looking for a silicone cable, as the standard plastic cables stiffen in cold weather and put strain on the power jacks, possibly resulting in power disconnects. The silicone cables fit perfectly and snug (even better than the original cables from ZWO) in all of my ZWO equipment, and do not stiffen in the cold. Also, I had an issue with a faulty cable (1 of 4), and customer support helped resolve this issue in a timely manner. I live in the USA and shipping went well, without any problem. I highly recommend the Lynx Astro cables and First Light Optics.

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27 August 2023  | 

Ok it's a cable but it's well made and arrived promptly.

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Nice cable
28 April 2023  | 

Good cable in every way BUT as others have noted, the DC jack isn't always a good fit. In my case, it doesn't slot convincingly into the socket on my SinKeu power station, though it does make a connection. I'm always worried it'll fall out and I'll have to reset my mount. Otherwise, a good piece of kit.

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The Best Cable Ever With Poor Fitting Connections
14 March 2023  | 

As others have said this is the best cable ever in terms of cable quality and build. But, as others have said there is an issue with the length of the metal jack. Add to the list solar spectrum filters and my Ankar power bank where the jack drops out. The width is correct it just isn't long enough to stay in. I won't return the cable as is great and will find a purpose that it fits properly. Buyer beware!


Unfortunately this is the case with all cables - we find some instances where they are not as good a fit. The Switchcraft 2.1mm plug we use fits 'most' things in astronomy but there are a few use cases particularly where sockets are recessed where the jack is not long enough. In these instances we do have a longer version of the jack available - the version that has the coupler can be used as this has a longer plug and will work even if the socket doesn't have a coupler.

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Excellent, flexible cable
25 January 2022  | 

Most people would probably wonder why on earth you need to spend 17 on a 1m power cable. But this cable is worth for a few reasons I'll discuss below.

(1) The main selling point to me was the flexibility of the cable in cold temperatures, and I found this out the other night. The cable for one of my power supplies had gone very stiff at about 0C, yet this cable remained nice and flexible, completely unaffected by the cold. This prevents any cabling snagging and improves the lifetime of the cable with no splitting of the casing over time.

(2) The outer coating seems to shine under red light! Maybe "shine" is the wrong word, but the cables are so easy to see under the red light of my headlamp compared to regular black cables. This was a nice surprise, but goes to show that the manufacturer thought about this.

I bought this cable to connect the cooler of my ASI533 C-Pro to my ASI Air Pro and the connection is nice and snug. Its worked great over the past couple of months so no complaints. In the near future, I'll be adding a mini-pc and Pegasus Power Box to my setup so I'll definitely consider more of these cables if I need them!

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Short connections
09 September 2021  | 

Seems like a quality made cable, unfortunately though they are unusable with Celestron PowerTanks as the DC connections are too short to sit securely inside the PowerTank's DC port and it just falls out at the slightest touch.


We explicitly mention this on our product page:

NOTE: Not suitable for use with the Celestron Lithium (LiFePO4) Powertank Pro (it's power out socket is deeper than usual).

These cables are not suitable for that purpose, if you wish to return the cable for a refund please get in touch.

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09 July 2021  | 

This is a brilliant cable to replace my power cable for my AzGti mount, the silicone rubber casing ensures no knots or snagging. It oozes quality and double insisted around the jack plug joins, real nice accessory for your setups.

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Pure quality.
04 May 2021  | 

I purchased this cable for my can tell as soon as you open the sealed packet they come in these are well made...I would highly recommend Lynx products as they just ooze quality

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02 March 2021  | 

Quality cable. Used in sub zero temperatures and remained completely flexible.
Jacks are well fitted and shrouded and fit sockets extremely well with a satisfying click.

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Q1. Will this cable work with the Orion power supply?

Unfortunately the 2.1mm jack on the Lynx Astro lead is too wide for the socket on the Orion power supply.

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