Calotherm Microfibre Cleaning Cloth 8'' x 6''

Calotherm Microfibre Cleaning Cloth 8" x 6"

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Model:  c_therm_cloth_8x6
Part Number:  MF86

Probably the BEST lens cleaning cloth available! 

The Calocloth removes dirt, grease, dust and fingerprints from a wide range of glass and plastic lenses.

Also suitable for use with mobile phone and camera screens leaving them clean and smear free.

20x15cm (8" x 6") microfibre cleaning cloth. 

Supplied in Pouch.


Calotherm's Calocloth has a unique specification that out-performs regular cleaning cloths to remove grease, dirt and moisture from modern optical coatings. 

  • The knitted fabric is produced with a higher concentration of fibres than any other cloth
  • It is produced on wider rolls and then heat treated to reduce the roll width and to increase the fibre concentration even further
  • It is then chemically treated to split the fibres, making them finer
  • The split fibres give even greater fibre concentration with air pockets to lift and hold dirt and grease away from any surface.

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