Baader UFC (Universal Filter Changer) System
Baader UFC (Universal Filter Changer) SystemBaader UFC (Universal Filter Changer) SystemBaader UFC (Universal Filter Changer) SystemBaader UFC (Universal Filter Changer) System

Baader UFC (Universal Filter Changer) System

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About this product

Model:  baad_ufc_2459110
Part Number:  2459110

The Baader-UFC Universal Filter Changer is thoughtfully designed and manufactured to a high standard. 

The filter chamber (UFC-Base) is the core part, which (at the time of writing) accepts three different filter sliders to suit 2", 50 mm round and 50x50 mm square filters. The filter sliders are held in place by an adjustable magnet and to ensure precise repeatable positioning a brass-pin mounted onto the far side of the filter-slider locates positively into the UFC filter base. The same pin enables you to easily eject the filter slider without applying undue pressure. 

Important: The Aux filter holders require a D50 slider to fit into.

Versatile application – for almost any telescope / camera

The camera-side of the UFC-Base (the filter-chamber) remains open towards the camera - until the matching camera-adapter gets mounted directly onto the UFC-Base. The purpose of this is to have the filters mounted with minimum distance to the image sensor, avoiding additional vignetting.

The telescope-side of the UFC-base carries a receptor with 6 clamp screws in 60° spacings, to mount all Baader-proprietory S 70-dovetail-adapters and spacers. A number of rigid UFC-S 70 spacer tubes are available in 5/15/40 mm length, as well as an ultra-stable S 70 VARI-LOCK spacer, engraved with Millimeter scale and seamlessly adjustable from 15 to 20 mm. These four spacers allow precise adaption for almost any backfocus situation, for both - back and prime focus - instrument configurations. Six tiny set screws also provide adjustment if necessary. 

Another set of telescope-adapters, with male S70 dovetail facing the camera-side, complete the assortment. This enables the UFC-assy onto almost any telescope, firmly and flexure free. For the RASA-adaptation Baader have milled this RASA/S70 adapter plate from stainless steel to enhance stiffness while retaining the extremely thin flange tolerances required for the RASA-design.

Simply replace the corresponding adapters on either side of the filter chamber when you change telescope or camera and want to continue using your existing filters.

Camera lenses can also be used with the UFC. The UFC-Base is fastened in front of the camera-lens by adding both the S70/SP54 adapter #2459134 and the retaining flange #2459121. One of the step-rings from the Hyperion-ring-system (#2958028 - 2958082) can also be used. Note filters should be mounted in reverse order when using the UFC-filter changer in front of camera lenses.

Example Setups




UFC Available Parts and Details.

2459110 UFC Base (Filter Chamber) with receptor for S70 Dovetail
2459112 UFC 2" Filter Slider M48 (for cell mounted 2" filters)
2459113 UFC Filter Slider D50 (for filter 0 50mm up to 50.5mm)
2459114 UFC Filter Slider 50x50  (for filtersize 50 x 50mm up to 50.5mm square)
2459115 UFC T-Adapter, connects to camera T-Ring with Mounting plate for UFC Base
2459116 UFC M48 Adapter, M48 (m) thread facing camera with Mounting plate for UFC base
2459117 UFC M54 Adapter,M54x0.75(m) thread facing camera w/ Mounting plate for UFC Base
2459118 UFC M68 Adapter,M68 x 1 (f) thread facing camera w/mounting plate for UFC Base
2459119 UFC protective EOS T-Ring Adap,S52 dovetail connects to T-Ring w/ Mounting plate 
2459120 UFC 2" SC Adapter, 2" (m) thread facing camera w/ Mounting plate for UFC Base
2459122 UFC FLI Adapter, connects to FLI camera, for ML and PL Flange w/Mounting plate
2459136 UFC S70 / 8" RASA Adapter, RASA Plate facing telescope w/S70 Dovetail
2459126 UFC S70 / 11"/ 14" RASA Adapter, RASA Plate facing telescope w/S70 Dovetail
2459127 UFC S70 / M68 Adapter, M68 (m) thread facing telescope w/S70 Dovetail
2459128 UFC S70 / 2" Adapter, 2" SC thread (f) facing telescope w/S70 Dovetail
2459129 UFC  S70 / M48 Adapter, M48 (f) thread facing telescope w/S70 Dovetail
2459130 UFC S70 / T-2 Adapter, T-2  (f) thread facing telescope w/S70 Dovetail
2459131 UFC S70 / C8 Hyperstar / SC / HD Adapter with S70 Dovetail
2459132 UFC S70 / C11 / C9.25 Hyperstar / SC /HD Adapter with S70 Dovetail
2459133 UFC S70 / C14 Hyperstar / SC/ HD Adapter with S70 Dovetail
2459141 UFC S70/5 Extension 5mm with S70 Dovetail/Dovetail-clamp-screws
2459142 UFC S70/15 Extension 15mm with S70 Dovetail/Dovetail-clamp-screws
2459143 UFC S70/40 Extension 40mm with S70 Dovetail/Dovetail-clamp-screws
2459145 UFC S70 Varilock 15-20mm with S70 Dovetail and receptor for S70 Dovetail
2459121 UFC Straylight Flange when mounting UFC in front of camera lenses incl Mounting plate for UFC Base
2459134 UFC SP54 for adapting UFC Base onto camera lenses (requires Baader Hyperion lens adapter rings)

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