William Optics Binoviewer
William Optics BinoviewerWilliam Optics BinoviewerWilliam Optics BinoviewerWilliam Optics Binoviewer

William Optics Binoviewer

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Model:  WObinoviewer
Part Number:  E-BINO-P

'Anyone familiar with the William Optics philosophy of high quality at a reasonable price will be glad to know that it extends to binoviewers. Conceived very much as an observing system, the unit comes in a presentation box with two wide-angle 1.25-inch eyepieces of 20mm focal length in addition to a 1.6x Barlow lens. The latter screws into the front of the binoviewer nosepiece, permitting you to use the unit with a wide range of scopes, from Newtonians and refractors to Schmidt- and Maksutov-Cassegrains. We were especially pleased to note that William Optics provides safety undercuts on the nosepiece and the eyepieces. This means that if the screws in your scope’s focuser or the unit’s eyepiece holders slacken off, your precious investment isn’t going to go crashing to the ground.'  BBC Sky at Night magazine


  • High-quality BaK4 prisms with 20mm clear aperture for maximum brightness and contrast. 
  • Fully Multi Coated optics. 
  • Anti-marring brass compression rings. 
  • Individual eyepiece focus adjustment. 
  • Large chromed thumbscrews and anodized aluminium. 

Supplied with two matching William Optics 20mm WA 66 deg eyepieces, a 1.6x barlow nosepiece and gift-box. (An optional 2x barlow and extender are also available). 

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Williams Optics Binoviewer
26 June 2023  | 

A superb piece of kit. Very solid build and excellent quality optics. Highly recommended. At the risk of repeating what other reviewers have said, you may need to play around with extension tubes/ Barlow's to get to focus - and make sure you are well tightened down . . . the Bino assembly adds to good deal of weight to the business end of the telescope. I am very late to the Bino party., but better late than never. I've had a few excellent nights with these and a 120mm refractor and the Moon . . . and am now a complete convert.

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General impression of the company
14 October 2021  | 

One of the best service Iíve ever got from an online store! Quick and efficient. Will carry on buying from this store and give it first preference choosing who to buy from. Thanks for everythingÖ

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Solid product
22 January 2021  | 

I love the build of these bino viewers...you really can't complain considering there price...top end bins cost a fare whack of cash...so I feel these are a great entry into the world of bino viewing.....and WO has put them out with a couple of decent 20mm eyepieces and a barlow is brilliant vfm..in my opinion.
As usual flo were superb and I received my order in less than 24 hrs of actually buying, brilliant cheers guys.

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Great experience
25 August 2020  | 

My first order, and like expected all very good.
The package arrived in the Netherlands the way it left the shop in the UK. Great safe way of shopping/shipping. Thx

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Quality Piece
10 February 2020  | 

2 eyes are better than 1 - right?
This is certainly the case with this quality piece from Williams
It is well made and the bulk and weight of a top end CSC body. This means that you have to be careful to make sure that it is well tightened and secured to your telescope.
I have poured mine wirth a 6 inch SC and the match is perfect.
The image is clear and crisp and make viewing more comfortable and enjoyable
Thoroughly recommended

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WO binoviewer
27 July 2018  | 

The view of the moon through the WO binoviewer (attached to cpc 9.25) is breathtaking,
they are quite heavy so if using with a star diagonal make sure every thing is tightened down.
Highly recommended.

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new favourite kit
30 June 2018  | 

Solidly built and reassuringly heavy. Adjusting eyepiece focus to account for individual differences is straightforward, but I found it too easy to alter the setting, once made.
It took lots of fiddling with the focusser extension tubes on my 4-inch refractor to get the binoviewer to focus.
Without the diagonal, the image was inverted, so the solution was to eliminate the extension tubes entirely and just use the diagonal, with the Barlow.
On my 9.25 SCT there were no such problems, with or without the Barlow.
I'm glad I chose the WO binoviewer with the WO lenses. They are a good match for the viewer, and give an excellent MoonWalking experience.
Performance is impressive: I could make out Saturn's Cassini division (in quite poor seeing conditions) and could split the Double Double into four, neither of which I could do in cyclops mode.

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Great Product
13 June 2018  | 

great product, this binoviewer execelnt on price point and qualaty , whem we start with binoviewer we never go back , excelent

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Opened up a whole new viewing experience.
19 February 2018  | 

Firstly as always excellent service from Flo. I bought these for my nexstar 6se. Having bought a WO star angle I knew these would be good and I'm not disappointed. The foam filled box they came in is great for storing them safely. The supplied eyepieces and barlow are very good quality and perfectly matched to the bino's. No free play evident at all. The binoviewers are light and well made and the brass maring rings hold everything solid. The diopters are slightly stiff to adjust but this ensures they stay put. I have had no problems with merging the images and everything is crisp and clear. There was some slight dimming when viewing the Orion Nebula but this was more than compensated for in the extra detail I could see. I found viewing through two eyes very relaxing.
Overall for my budget these were an excellent upgrade for the 6se.

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The Best of the Low-Cost Binoviewers
24 August 2011  | 

I pretty much "live" inside my William Optics Binoviewers when observing the moon and planets with a large telescope. The extra detail revealed by the use of both eyes - as well as the added comfort - more than make up for the financial investment in them. Whilst it's true that the internals of most 1.25" binoviewers are more-or-less identical, the build quality of the William Optics model is a considerable step up from the alternatives. The included 1.6x Barlow lens is of excellent quality, and is in fact required with some Newtonian telescopes in order to achieve focus - although note that you might also need the optional 1.25" extension nosepiece in such cases as well. - Jeremy.


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