New Manual 5-Position Filter Wheel

8 November 2012  |  Steve

Some consider a filter wheel to be an astro-imaging accessory but filter wheels are used by visual observers too. Consider, you could load a number of visual filters into the wheel then simply dial them into the field of view. It beats manually moving a filter from eyepiece to eyepiece when changing magnification, so less chance of it dropping onto the patio! You could fit a Moon filter (or two with different densitys) a light-pollution-reduction filter, a UHC, fringe-killer or whatever other visual filter you find most useful. One compartment can be left empty for unfiltered viewing.

This simple manual filter wheel will hold up to five 1.25" filters in threaded, numbered, compartments. The filter wheel can be attached to your focuser either by the supplied 1.25” nosepiece adaptor or via a T-thread.

The robustly constructed wheel is supplied with a 1.25” eyepiece adaptor, 1.25” focuser nosepiece, T-2 camera adaptor and locking ring.

Please note: your focuser will require 20mm of inward focusing distance from the normal focus position to compensate for the thickness of the filter wheel.