Skywatcher Skymax 150 and 180 PRO now have SCT threads

18 December 2013

The Skywatcher Skymax 150 and Skymax 180 PRO telescopes now feature a standard SCT thread for the attachment of accessories.

Previously they had non-standard threads which was rather awkward so this is good news :smiley:

For high magnification lunar and planetary observing the Maksutov optical design is an excellent choice because it is made entirely from spherical surfaces. Spherical surfaces are perfect for mass production, they can be easily and affordably ground and polished to a very high surface accuracy, hence their reputation for razor-sharp, high resolution, high contrast views. By comparison, aspherical or parabolic surfaces are considerably more difficult to manufacture so, unless you spend more, rarely have the same surface-finish accuracy.

Maksutovs also have sealed tubes so suffer less from internal air currents and the mirror is protected from the elements. The only significant disadvantage to a large-aperture Maksutov is that its thick front corrector lens attracts dew and takes takes longer to cool than most other designs. Fortunately a dew heater tape will stop the dew and storing the telescope in a shed or garage (so close to the outside temperature) reduces the cool-down time.