New Starlight Xpress Trius Cameras

24 July 2013  |  Steve

Starlight Xpress are renowned for small, compact, innovative designs, along with excellent build quality. The new Trius range of deep-sky, cooled CCD cameras has taken these values to a new level.

The new Starlight Xpress Trius cameras retain the already super-low-noise performance of the previous generation SXVR models whilst maintaining fast download times of approximately 2 million pixels per second. In addition Starlight Xpress have incorporated a complete powered USB hub into the camera body which offers 3x USB 2.0 ports. Each port is capable of delivering up to 200mA so is able to drive a Lodestar, SuperStar or CoStar guide-camera whilst leaving another two USB ports for a USB filter wheel and one other peripheral. This integration greatly reduces the number of cable trails back to the computer so reducing the likelihood  of cables tangling around the mount during the imaging session.

New Peltier cooler combinations have also been designed into the Trius cameras, along with an Argon-Filled CCD chamber, to allow a greater differential cooling delta to be achieved. 

Below is a summary of the new Starlight Xpress Trius cameras:

Rear Camera Panel
The Trius camera provides multiple inputs and outputs. The main control connections to the camera are the USB 2.0 socket that controls the camera from the computer and the +12v DC jack socket which provides power (approximately 1.25Amps at 12v DC). In addition, there is an RJ11 Guider Port output that is opto-isolated and will drive any standard active-low guider input via the RJ11 ‘telephone’ lead provided. The remaining sockets are three Mini-5pin USB 2.0 sockets that can be used to power up to three different USB devices, such as a Lodestar Autoguider, an SX USB Filter Wheel and a focuser. Each USB port is capable of providing 5v DC at a maximum of 200mA.

Fused Silica Window
Unlike less expensive cameras, Starlight Xpress fit a specially manufactured fused silica window with 7-layer anti-reflective coating to all their Trius cameras. This offers enhanced strength and heat transfer characteristics to ensure there is less chance of the front window dewing during humid weather.

Efficient Cooling System
The cooling system is designed for the most efficient cooling possible in a compact package. The Trius cameras are fitted with a new peltier cooler configuration to give approximately -40C delta T. A built in fan at the rear of the camera draws air in through small holes in the front of the barrel (increases surface area to aid convection), through the heatsink, and expels it out of the rear of the camera. An additional fan is fitted to the side to help keep the external body at the ambient temperature during warmer weather. Set-Point Cooling is standard.

Argon Filled CCD Chamber
Argon filled CCD chambers are associated only with high-end cameras. The new Trius cameras have dry argon injected into the CCD chamber to ensure there is no moisture to condense on the CCD during the cooling process. The low thermal conductivity of argon also helps with the cooling process, allowing a lower delta T to be achieved.

Unique Tilted Camera Front
This unique approach to camera design allows the front plate of the camera to be orthogonally aligned to ensure the CCD and telescope optics are parallel to each other. This enables the user to adjust for collimation issues throughout the optical train, to ensure pinpoint stars across the entire field. 

Starlight Xpress have a small quantity of SXVR cameras available but from the 5th August SXVR cameras will no longer be in production and the following Trius models will be launched: 

Trius Monochrome cameras

SX-16 with 4Mp KAI-4022 sensor (15.15 x 15.15)

SX-814 with 9.2Mp ICX814 sensor (12.5 x 10mm)

SX-694 with 6.1Mp ICX694 sensor (12.5 x 10mm)

SX-674 with 2.8Mp ICX674 sensor (9 x 6.7mm)

SX-9 with 1.45Mp ICX285 sensor (9 x 6.7mm)


Trius Colour cameras

SX-26C with 10Mp ICX493 sensor (23.4 x 15.6)

SX-25C with 6.2Mp ICX453 sensor (23.4 x 15.6)

SX-814C with 9.2Mp ICX814 sensor (12.5 x 10mm)

SX-694C with 6.1Mp ICX694 sensor (12.5 x 10mm) 

SX-674C with 2.8Mp ICX674 sensor (9 x 6.7mm)

SX-9C with 1.45Mp ICX285 sensor (9 x 6.7mm)


We will update our website with product listings and prices early August. 

For more details and specification please download the Starlight Xpress Trius product brochure pdf