StarSharp Bahtinov focus masks

11 May 2011  |  Admin

First Light Optics has been appointed exclusive UK retailer for StarSharp Bahtinov focus masks

You would think sourcing a well-made Bahtinov focusing mask would be easy! Slots cut into a sheet of plastic suspended on the front of the telescope, how difficult can it be... It took us nearly a year!

Credit for inventing the Bahtinov design goes to Russian amateur astronomer Pavel Bahtinov.  

The Bahtinov mask has become the preferred method of focusing a telescope, either visually or when imaging with a CCD camera, DSLR or webcam. The mask exploits a unique diffraction profile. One part of the diffraction pattern moves in response to changes in focus and displays error as a displacement from a clearly defined point. It is 'much' easier to use than to explain and enables visual astronomers and astro-photographers to achieve precise focus, even in poor seeing conditions.

StarSharp Bahtinov masks are superior to most others because their slot widths and spacings have been carefully optimised for the telescope's focal ratio to ensure best possible performance. Not only that but the quality of material used and attention to detail is top drawer! Made from matt-black Perspex with straight edges to prevent them rolling away when on the shelf and a very useful high reflectance corner for easy location in the dark.

If your telescope is not included in our list please contact us for a quote, you will be surprised what is available.

Oh, and it is made here in the UK!