Making Every Photon Count - Steve Richards

Making Every Photon Count - Steve Richards

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This Fourth Edition features:

  • Expanded focusing guide to cover camera lenses
  • Expanded mount in formation to cover ultra portable systems
  • Updated balancing instructions for dual telescopes
  • Updates to guiding section to include finder-guiders and cameras with built in off axis guiders

From the second edition onwards, there is a section on stand-alone autoguiding solutions such as the Skywatcher Synguider which were not available when the first edition was written.

"Aimed at the beginner to Deep Sky astro-photography, new concepts are explained in plain terms ensuring the reader develops an understanding of the equipment and its use. Advice is based on tried and tested methods aimed at producing acceptable results early on by drawing on my own experiences as a beginner and those whom I have assisted in the past. The logical progression of an imaging session and subsequent post processing of the images is explored in depth in an easy to read and understandable style with numerous illustrations and examples to lead the beginner through to more advanced topics."  Steve Richards - Chanctonbury Observatory

"There are many books about astronomical photography, but none quite like this one – at least as far as I know. What Steve Richards has done is to begin at the very beginning. He assumes that his reader has absolutely no prior knowledge, and guides him (or her!) gently through to the stage of being able to take really good photographs. Steve Richards has therefore plugged a notable hole in the literature, and I can appreciate this particularly because I have always been a visual observer rather than a photographer." Patrick Moore

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Making every photon count
29 January 2023  | 

Fantastic reading if you are starting out on your journey with astrophotography. It removes a lot of the fog from the discipline and explains it in such a way that is easy to understand. A must read for starting out. Delivered swiftly by FLO.

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Making every Photon Count
28 January 2023  | 

An excellent read and would recommend to anyone wanting to progress into astrophotography. Originally published in 2009 but has been revised and updated three times, most recently in 2019. Good reference info.

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Best investment anyone considering Astrophotography can make
16 October 2022  | 

For anybody new to Astrophotography the hobby can seem bewildering and they may fall by the wayside before even starting this fantastic hobby as they just think it is too hard for them.
This book goes through all the terms used in AP and all the different types of equipment you may need stating what really is the bare minimum to more advanced equipment you probably will acquire at a later stage.
I urge anybody starting out to buy this book before purchasing any equipment whatsoever and read (more than once) from cover to cover. Its all in plain English anybody can understand, nothing is too technical, and so maybe not a book for anyone already successful in AP, and so you understand just exactly what is involved and gives you the knowledge needed to go ahead and acquire the correct equipment to start out in AP without wasting what can amount to thousands of pounds (or Euros / Dollars etc).

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08 April 2021  | 

Just read the first chapters, very informative and good advice on equipment for astro photography. I use Canon DSLRs and have not done any astrophotography yet.

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brilliant service
07 April 2021  | 

rapid service

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Excellent starters guide to imaging
23 March 2021  | 

It does exactly what it says, and assumes little or no prior knowledge of imaging. I found the first half on equipment very helpful.

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A must read for newcomers to Astrophotography
25 January 2021  | 

This is a great book. All the questions I was asking myself are in fact quite easily found in this little book, and quite well explained. The index is a valuable tool for this purpose. I think I will read it from cover to cover (did I mention that it is very well written!) and memorize a lot of the material!

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make every photon count, BRILLIANT !
13 January 2021  | 

well written and presented, easy to follow and packed full of tips to spare you the pain of finding out the hard way when you could be capturing data ! Covers everything from a beginners perspective starting with the gear you will need, to some image processing techniques in photoshop. worth every penny. your new best friends, like FLO !!

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Excellent introduction to Astrophotography
03 January 2021  | 

I found this book invaluable as a beginner to astrophotography.

The book covers various elements of the equipement and software related to AP in a succinct and easy to read manner.

Highly recommended,

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Fantastic Book
28 September 2020  | 

Not finished reading this book yet but it's so informative, well written and easy to follow. Only just started getting in to the astrophotography side more now and this book has been essential to me, totally recommend this book to anyone thinking of starting astrophotography.

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