Making Every Photon Count - Steve Richards

Making Every Photon Count - Steve Richards


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This Third Edition features:

  • Expanded focusing guide to cover camera lenses
  • Expanded mount in formation to cover ultra portable systems
  • Updated balancing instructions for dual telescopes
  • Updates to guiding section to include finder-guiders and cameras with built in off axis guiders

From the second edition onwards, there is a section on stand-alone autoguiding solutions such as the Skywatcher Synguider which were not available when the first edition was written.

"Aimed at the beginner to Deep Sky astro-photography, new concepts are explained in plain terms ensuring the reader develops an understanding of the equipment and its use. Advice is based on tried and tested methods aimed at producing acceptable results early on by drawing on my own experiences as a beginner and those whom I have assisted in the past. The logical progression of an imaging session and subsequent post processing of the images is explored in depth in an easy to read and understandable style with numerous illustrations and examples to lead the beginner through to more advanced topics."  Steve Richards - Chanctonbury Observatory

"There are many books about astronomical photography, but none quite like this one – at least as far as I know. What Steve Richards has done is to begin at the very beginning. He assumes that his reader has absolutely no prior knowledge, and guides him (or her!) gently through to the stage of being able to take really good photographs. Steve Richards has therefore plugged a notable hole in the literature, and I can appreciate this particularly because I have always been a visual observer rather than a photographer." Patrick Moore

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MEPC-Just Brilliant
Thursday, 18 January 2018  | 

Just received this book, brilliant delivery times and service from the staff at FLO, Top Notch Guys/Gals.
About the book, It is just awesome, full of very useful and good information for anyone wanting to get into Deep Sky Astrophotography, The different chapters and segments are full of brilliant information, especially the parts about the Processing of your images after, its all about the 6 F's as Steve Richards would say.

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practical and informative
Wednesday, 23 September 2015  | 

The balance of real-life experience and theory of astrophotography presented in this book is fantastic.
Clearly years of experience shared so openly means it does take reading again and again - but that's no bad thing.
I agree with people on the forums when they advise this as one of the first things to buy if you're interested in astrophotography.
What a brilliant reference.

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Quality book, quality service
Sunday, 13 January 2013  | 

Highly recommend this book for anyone that wants to take a step into imaging the night sky.

Explains all the tech speak for astronomers wanting to move to imaging, and all the necessary equipment for all the photographers wanting to capture the night sky.

100% pleased with this little gem of a book

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Making Every Photon Count
Monday, 3 September 2012  | 

This book was recommended by numerous people at stargazerslounge as an answer to many questions that beginners have when starting out in astrophotography.
This book answered all my questions and some I didn't even know I should ask.
Couple a great book with fantastic service (I ordered the book on Fri afternoon and it arrived with Saturdays post) and I felt review recommendation was needed.

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