Tele Vue Visual-Imaging Paracorr Type-2
Tele Vue Visual-Imaging Paracorr Type-2Tele Vue Visual-Imaging Paracorr Type-2Tele Vue Visual-Imaging Paracorr Type-2

Tele Vue Visual-Imaging Paracorr Type-2

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Model:  tv_paracorr_2
Part Number:  VIP-2010

Tele Vue Paracorr Coma Corrector.

With the development of 82-degree Nagler and 100+ degree Ethos eyepieces, Tele Vue offers the industry's largest, flattest, and best-corrected visual fields!

Combine a Nagler/Ethos eyepiece, a Dobsonian telescope and the Tele Vue Paracorr for spectacular wide and sharp 'spacewalk' views. 

An optical chain is as good as its weakest link. All reflector telescopes with parabolic mirrors suffer from coma, an aberration that makes stars look like blurry comets with tails pointing outwards radially from the centre of the field. The faster your telescope, the worse the effect. All parabolic mirrors used in Newtonian reflecting telescopes have limited field sharpness due to coma. Even a perfectly made 13" f/4.5 parabola has only about a 0.1-degree diffraction limited field.

Paracorr is a universal corrector that tightens and intensifies star images on all f-ratios down to f/3 (see spot size graphs: PDF or JPG) without adding any false colour or spherical aberration! You no longer need to constantly shift a Dobsonian to keep objects centred for sharp viewing. Using a Tele Vue eyepiece, put M-13 at the edge of the field and enjoy its fully resolved beauty as it drifts across your field of view.

Easy to use. It slips into your focuser just like a Barlow. Due to additional length, a mild 15% Barlow effect was designed into Paracorr to effectively push the focus out to minimise focuser in-travel.

Recommended for use with all Tele Vue eyepieces. Tele Vue Plössls, Radians, Panoptics, Naglers, Ethos and Delos eyepieces achieve higher levels of aberration correction than competitive models. However, Paracorr is also compatible with other eyepiece brands.

It can be used with both 2" and 1¼" eyepieces. For visual use, slip Paracorr Type-2 into your focuser and your eyepiece into Paracorr. 1¼" eyepieces will use Paracorr's special low profile 1¼" reducing adapter. Paracorr is threaded for 2" filters.


The Paracorr Type 2 optical assembly is also available in a special adapter housing made by Starlight Instruments for their Feather Touch focusers. This unit avoids needing a tunable top to optimise the eyepiece position. Some Dobsonian manufacturers may also offer the Feather Touch focuser with integrated Paracorr type 2 as standard.  Starlight Instruments offers Paracorr Type 2 integrated with a Feather-Touch focuser or as an add-on if you already have a Feather-Touch focuser. 

Paracorr also works with DSLR and CCD cameras. Just unscrew the lens assembly from the Tunable Top and attach appropriate threaded accessory tubes and camera mounts.
Optimising the Coma Correction by Using Paracorr's Tunable Top

Optimising the coma correction with your Paracorr requires the correct distance from the eyepiece focus point (field stop location) to the last surface of the Paracorr lens (within a small +/- tolerance, of course). Typical eyepieces used with fast Newtonians can have field stop locations differing by as much as half an inch. To accommodate for the differences, we developed the "Tunable Top."

The "Tunable Top" permits optimised aberration control for all Tele Vue eyepieces, and many others, by loosening a screw and rotating the Tunable Top. The eyepiece barrel height raises and lowers, allowing you to maintain the proper field stop to Paracorr lens distance.


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Tele vue paracorr Type-2
25 October 2022  | 

The delivery is fast and very kind Thank you.
Color aberration disappeared after using paracorr
It's a really good quality.

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TV Paracorr 2
15 January 2019  | 

Although I have not yet had a chance to use this as it did come with clouds as per the sticker on he box the actual Paracorr is very well made, as one would expect from TeleVue. It fits in my Feathertouch focuser completely which is good. The Paracorr appears to consists of two groups of elements, one of which I think acts as a 1.15x Barlow and the other I guess is the coma corrector itself. The instructions are clear and it would appear that most of my eyepieces will fit I one of two positions which is excellent, although they are all TV too which perhaps then should not be much of a surprise. The head of the ParaCorr does not project too much out of the focuser and the tunable top move well and locks well. As expected the delivery service from FLO was excellent.


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