DayStar 0.5x Imaging Focal Reducer
DayStar 0.5x Imaging Focal ReducerDayStar 0.5x Imaging Focal ReducerDayStar 0.5x Imaging Focal Reducer

DayStar 0.5x Imaging Focal Reducer

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Model:  daystar_reducer
Part Number:  FR2DT

DayStar 2" 0.5x Imaging Focal Reducer

DayStar's Imaging Focal Reducer provides more field of view for your images. 

The reducer is designed for 2" drawtubes and has a clear aperture of 36mm.

The standard M42x0.75 T-thread accepts camera-specific T-rings to mount your imaging system or DSLR. 

Also includes a separate T extension tube for even more reduction. 

With a T-mount camera connected directly to the reducer, the focal length is reduced by half (0.5x). Add the 20mm extension tube for 0.33x.

Combine the Daystar T-thread Interference Eliminator (sold separately) with the reducer for an interference-free 0.38x. 

Please note that the obtainable field of view is usually limited by the etalon clear aperture; Quantum filters will result in a larger usable field than Quark or Ion. 

Allows full disk imaging with 2/3" monochrome CCDs such as ICX625, ICX655, IMX250, IMX264. 


  • Four elements in two groups.
  • 36mm clear aperture.
  • Front: Male 2" eyepiece drawtube.
  • Rear: Male T thread (M42x0.75)
  • Flange to flange distance: 5mm.
  • Overall length: 38mm.

Extension Specifications

  • Front: Female T-thread (M42x0.75)
  • Rear: Male T-thread (M42x0.75)
  • Flange distance: 20mm
  • Overall length: 25mm
  • Knife edge baffles for superior contrast.

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