Deep Sky Dad AF3 Autofocuser
Deep Sky Dad AF3 AutofocuserDeep Sky Dad AF3 AutofocuserDeep Sky Dad AF3 Autofocuser

Deep Sky Dad AF3 Autofocuser

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Model:  deepskydad_af3
Part Number:  AF3

Introducing the Deep Sky Dad AF3 Auto Focuser.

By connecting the motor pulley directly to the microfocusing knob, DSD are trying to make attaching the auto focuser as seamless as possible. This method is quite unintrusive as it does not require focuser axis knob disassembly and attaching directly to the axis shaft via coupler, etc.  Experience shows belt slipping is a non-issue due to the small amount of force required. If the belt tension is appropriate, autofocusing works like a charm. This approach also has the following pros:

  • Compact mounting balance-wise in comparison to shaft mounting, which protrudes away from the telescope tube.
  • Driving the microfocusing knob does not require much force. This means that the auto focuser motor can be quite small and does not require a gearbox.
  • The motor is not strong enough to damage any part of the focuser shaft (motor starts skipping steps). With a coupler connected to the focuser axis directly this may not be the case. With other systems, a stronger motor or a gearbox is connected to drive the focuser shaft directly. This could result in damage to the gearbox, coupler or in the worse case the focuser itself.

The AF3 boasts a stealth drive feature to minimise noise and vibration. In addition to the smoother motion it also provides more accurate movement with micro stepping down to 1/256. The enclosure was also optimised for easier assembly but has retained backwards compatibility with existing Astro Dad adapters.

The AF3 is ASCOM/INDI compatible.

Important - this is the motor focuser itself but you will also need a mounting bracket to set your specific telescope available separately.


  • ASCOM/INDI Supported
  • INDIGO Supported
  • The SKy X Pro X2 Focuser Plugin
  • Custom Step Size
  • Speed/Current Control
  • Optional Hand Controller
  • Optional Temperature Probe
  • Settle Buffer Option
  • Compact Design (44.5mmx48.5mmx50.2mm)
  • Weight 170grams

Software Downloads

Power adapter: 12V - 14V MAX (1A min) with 5.5mm x 2.1mm plug (not included)

Connectivity (not included): Mini USB cable OR Micro USB cable (2020)



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Deep Sky Dad AF3 autofocus unit.
20 March 2023  | 

Great Service and absolutely great product.
This is my 3rd AF unit from DSD (Pavle), I've tried others eg. Sesto, Pegasus and revererted back to the DSD AF units one both my main TS-Photon 62 Newt and my custom made Tascam 2-600mm zoom lens rig. DSD have a 2 driver Ascom solution allowing for the finer variences of the two rigs. I recall doing a video earliy on demo installation etc. but really there isn't that much to highlight well, mabe the ease of installing.
Recommend the AF3 such a versatile solution -up to date I've installed on SW 72ed, TakFSQ, TS-Photon and the Tascom zoom lens. r
egards David

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Deepskydad autofocus units
29 May 2021  | 

Whilst not having an Af3 i do have a af1,2 and a little stars original dsd autofocus unit , the af3 is very similar to the Af2 that I have which I have the temp sensor for and the hand controller which simply plug into the af unit , I have used the temp sensor using APT which works well with my 8Ē newt so easily installed on a 200pds and also have af1 on teknosky 70 AG refractor , if you canít see the required bracket then Pavle will find a solution for your scope , good build highly recommend had mine running a few years now never had any problems , also works via WiFi too which can be controlled via tablet/ phone /pc .


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