Tele Vue 1.25'' 60 Everbrite Diagonal
 Tele Vue 1.25'' 60 Everbrite DiagonalTele Vue 1.25'' 60 Everbrite Diagonal 

Tele Vue 1.25" 60 Everbrite Diagonal

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Model:  tv_diag_evb_60_1.25in
Part Number:  DPC-6012

60° Everbrite 1¼" Diagonal

This is an entirely new angle for Tele Vue! It's a real breakthrough for birding and terrestrial viewing; the perfect combination of comfort and performance. Al came up with this very desirable accessory while playing at the Winter Star Party. This diagonal combines Tele Vue performance and optimal ergonomics. Like a 90° diagonal, this yields images that are correct up and down, but reversed left and right.

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