Dew Shield for Telrad Finder

Dew Shield for Telrad Finder

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Model:  telrad-dewshield-2020

Photo shows model with integrated mirror (the regular model is the same but without mirror). 

This Telrad Dew Shield prevents the formation of dew on the Telrad window. 

Positioned directly on top of the Telrad's window the dew shield is simply lifted for an unobstructed view. 

Fixes directly to the Telrad, requires only a screwdriver to fit and can be left permanently mounted. 

Also available with integrated mirror for a comfortable 90-degree viewing position. 

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Dew Shield for Telrad
Tuesday, 11 December 2018  | 

I had some issues mounting this on my TelRad. I am not sure if my TelRad is just rather wide but it is difficult to get the cover to mount properly because of the washers that protrude too much . If you can get it to mount then then the
plates bend out some. Once mounted it seems OK. Not had a chance to test its dew ability yet though.

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Great idea, less effective in practise
Monday, 26 November 2018  | 

Unfortunately Iíve found this doesnít work very well. It doesnít prevent dew from forming, though it does slow up the formation very slightly. It also works better if you take the mirror out which is disappointing. Iíve only used it a few times but I wouldnít purchase it again.

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Telrad dew shield with mirror
Wednesday, 17 October 2018  | 

The mirror gives just enough field of view to see stars that are outside the outer circle and gives a comfortable viewing position. I will be upgrading my other Telrads with this device

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Flimsy design
Friday, 12 October 2018  | 

I bought the mirror version for my Dob. Every time that you move it, the screws come loose and being plastic you cannot tighten them much and it flops over. Being small and black bit difficult to do in the dark. Tried to tighten them and the housing split. However, superglue to the rescue. I modified the screws by making them thumbscrews using scrap plastic. All said, it does do the job.

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dew shield with mirror
Friday, 9 March 2018  | 

Same as the Tetrad Finder the dew shield is AOK.brilliant delivery and service 10 out of 10 for me.Thankyou.


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