iOptron HAE29 Hybrid Harmonic Drive Equatorial GoTo Mount with iPolar
iOptron HAE29 Hybrid Harmonic Drive Equatorial GoTo Mount with iPolariOptron HAE29 Hybrid Harmonic Drive Equatorial GoTo Mount with iPolariOptron HAE29 Hybrid Harmonic Drive Equatorial GoTo Mount with iPolar
iOptron HAE29 Hybrid Harmonic Drive Equatorial GoTo Mount with iPolariOptron HAE29 Hybrid Harmonic Drive Equatorial GoTo Mount with iPolariOptron HAE29 Hybrid Harmonic Drive Equatorial GoTo Mount with iPolar

iOptron HAE29 Hybrid Harmonic Drive Equatorial GoTo Mount with iPolar

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Tim Jardine writing for BBC Sky @ Night Magazine

"Setting up the mount is an absolute doddle, with just two bolts attaching the head to the tripod, and they are stowed on the head itself when not in use, along with the necessary Allen key - a very handy touch. The mount runs on a 12V DC power source; a standard AC mains indoor type PSU is supplied, but as it only draws 0.6A when tracking and 1.OA when slewing, it should run for quite some time on a portable power pack. 

Keen to try some guided astrophotography, we chose to set the mount up in equatorial mode at first, with our 75mm refractor and CCD camera.

After inputting our site details, date and time into the hand controller, we manually set the mount with a rough polar alignment and then did it precisely with the iPolar electronic polar scope. This attaches to the front of the mount with thumbscrews and plugs into a computer via a USB cable. Using the downloadable software, we were precisely aligned in a few minutes. The iPolar device can be removed after this. Again, the minimal time required for setting the mount up really impressed us, as there's nothing worse than fiddling about on a clear night trying to get equipment working instead of actually using it!" 

About this product

Model:  ioptron_hae29_ipolar
Part Number:  HE292A

Ioptron HAE29 Strain Wave AZ/EQ Mount with iPolar.

(The iPolar is not shown in photos but is included and fits neatly over the bubble level.)

The iOptron HAE29 is a light weight, high payload mount that delivers an astronomy experience like never before.

Imagine a mount head weighing only 8 lbs, with a payload capability of 40 lbs, without needing a cumbersome counterweight or shaft. iOptron’s multi-decade experience creating precision mounts has made this possible.

Utilising state-of-the-art strain wave gear technology for both the RA and DEC axes, the HAE29 delivers unparalleled weight to payload efficiency.

Its black anodised all-metal CNC machined body provides a rugged platform that will perform at the highest level for many years.

Unique features such as an electronic friction break and power-down memory enable the mount to stop and resume a GoTo slew safely or continue tracking even after an abrupt power loss (No need to realign and start from the beginning).

The mount can be controlled by a computer, either via ASCOM/Commander for a Windows PC or a third-party INDI driver for MacOS software, a SmartPhone/Tablet via iOptron Commander Lite or an App like SkySafari, or a Raspberry Pi device via INDI driver.

NOTE: The tripod shown in photos is not included but can be purchased separately. 


  • Advanced harmonic drive technology
  • iPolar Included
  • Payload capacity of 18kg (40 lbs), with a mount weight of 3.65 kg (8 lbs)
  • CNC machined 
  • Unique friction brake to safely stop movement during a planned or unplanned power interruption
  • Go2Nova® hand controller with ~212,000 object database
  • Dual saddle (Vixen and Losmandy-D styles)
  • Large Binocular Mounting
  • Satellite Tracking Ready (with third-party software)
  • Built-in zero position search and locator
  • Power down position and location memory
  • Integrated ST-4 autoguiding port
  • Built-in Wi-Fi (via hand controller)
  • USB port for firmware upgrade and computer control
  • Soft carrying case
  • Two-year warranty

Go2Nova Hand Controller 8409

  • 212,000 object database & star identification
  • Large LCD screen with four lines and 21-character with backlit LED buttons
  • User-friendly interface
  • 9-speed setting for motor slew speed
  • Serial port for firmware upgrade and mount computer control


Mount Strain Wave Altazimuth/Equatorial Mount
Ra Gear System Strain Wave Gear
Dec Gear System Strain Wave Gear
Ra Reduct Ratio 480:1 (SWG 120:1, Sync belt 4:1)
Payload wo C/W 29.7 lbs (13.5 kg)
Mount Weight 7.93 lbs (3.6 kg) with dovetail saddle
Payload/Mnt Weight 3.75
Payload with C/W 44 lbs (20kg)
Period 360 Seconds
Drive Motor Stepper Motor
Structure Material All metal, CNC machined
Exterior Finish Anodised Black
Latitude Adj Range 0º ~ 90º
Azimuth Adj Range ± 5º
Level Indicator Level Bubble
Control System GOTONOVA/Commander
Hand Controller Go2Nova® 8409 with ~212,000 objects database
Tracking Automatic
Maximum Slew Speed 6º/sec
Power Consumption 0.6A(Tracking), 1A(GOTO)
Power DC12V-5A (5.5/2.5mm DC plug)
AC Adapter 100V ~ 240V (included, indoor use only)
Cable Management Ready for DIY
Power Off Brake Electronic friction brake
Power Down Memory      Yes
Wi-Fi Built In
Communication Port Yes (Wi-Fi and USB, via HC)
Autoguide Port Yes (ST-4 compatible)
Firmware Upgrade Yes
Dovetail Saddle Vixen & Losmandy
Tripod  Optional
Counterweight Shaft Counterweight Shaft - SS Φ20X200mm, 3/8"-16 thread (Optional)
Counterweight 10 lbs (4.5kg)(Optional)
Operation Temperature -20ºC ~ 40ºC (hand controller -10ºC ~ 40ºC)
Warranty 2 Years


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I've waited 15 years for this technology
08 April 2023  | 

15 years ago I had an old back model EQ6. It was an awful sloppy example and due to that I stopped doing astronomy.
Recently I decided to try again. My WO Zenithstar 80, Skywatcher 150 and C9.25 were waiting for a new lease of life.

I began shopping for a new mount. The new breed of EQs look *much* better.
A new EQ5 would do just fine for my visual needs. But an EQ6 isn't much more and has more features.
But what on earth are these new fandangled strain wave mounts for not much more than an EQ6?! Plenty of research later I bought the HAE29.

In the well protected sturdy cardboard box was a note from FLO - "may contain clouds". I had to laugh because it was absolutely pouring down outside.

Inside the box was a small black iOptron "briefcase". I honestly thought I'd been sent the wrong thing - surely it should be bigger?
Nope! It really is compact. Although small it still has a decent mass to it.
No instructions but I'd already downloaded the manuals from iOptrons website.
First I updated the firmware - just follow the steps and it works.
Next was setting it up on the "iOptron 1.5" Tripod for CEM26 / GEM27".

I was surprised this mating of mount and tripod is achieved with just 2 thumbscrews, albeit substantial ones.
Obviously they have plenty of tensile strength so nothing fancy needed here. They work well in practice and actually ease drift alignment - 1 allen key is all you need.
The allen key is included with a nifty strong tiny magnet to stick it to the tripod. Nice touch.

The mount looks and feels well engineered.
The fact I could put my C9.25 on this and no counterweight needed is witchcraft.
But I'm out of practice so the WO 80 was first on.

I've never used GOTO in my life. This is fun! GOTO will help me learn where things are. I've forgotten.
The speed the mount moves from one object to another is impressive. It feels confident and assured as it captures the target.
The noise is a total non issue. The "loudest" is when the mount does GOTO as it's doing it 100% speed 512x or more.
But for manual direction changes using 4x - 64x it's very quiet.
When just tracking you need to get quite close to hear it whirring.
It's certainly not the "coffee grinder crunch" - more a whine from low to high depending on speed.

I've been solar observing with it the last few weeks here in the cloudy UK.
My first drift alignment for 15 years went well - never used the sun for that. A compass under the tripod got me in the rough direction first.
Once I set the hand controller to "track Sun" it showed me a warning about the dangers of doing that. Nice touch.
My new Quark was in place so I continued.
The mount kept the sun dead center for the 4 hours I was out there. I was thoroughly impressed with the mount and my drift alignment.

Can it track sub arcsecond - no idea. I didn't buy it for that.

I bought it because I wanted a well engineered trust-worthy mount that was reasonably portable, had GOTO, had wifi for remote control, had a respected pedigree, and would get me back into astro by relatively easy solar viewing.
I can certainly do that with an EQ but for not much more money I can get a taste of some fascinating technology. Less trips from garden to house to get stuff. No hernia from lugging it. Far easier for me to set up.
The extra cost was worth it for those factors alone.

Plus I've waited 15 years - I didn't want to spend another one waiting for reviews of these new to market mounts.
Yes there was trepidation parting with my hard earned cash - normally it'd need a healthy amount of positive reviews to do that.
But iOptron have suddenly put their cards on the table revealing a royal flush of strain wave mounts.
That gives me confidence they've done their R&D and know what they're doing.

For me this mount ticks all the boxes. A whole hearted 5/5.


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