iOptron iGuide Autoguider System
 iOptron iGuide Autoguider SystemiOptron iGuide Autoguider System 

iOptron iGuide Autoguider System

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Model:  iop_iguide_3360
Part Number:  3360

NEW iOptron iGuide compact autoguider system.

Consists of portable mini guiding scope with a 30mm diameter and 120mm focal length (Part # 3361) and an iGuider-1 Camera (Part # 3362).

The resolution of the autoguider is 6.44 arc sec/pixel, making it especially suitable for guiding with short to medium focal length telescopes.

With dielectric AR-coated achromatic lenses, the iGuide Scope provides sharp images for high quality guiding. 

iGuider autoguider can mate with iOptron CEM26/GEM28/CEM40/GEM45* mounts seamlessly without any adapter. It also comes with a standard 19mm wide finder scope dovetail, readily fits with telescopes that have finder scope slot.

There are two set of mounting holes on the iGuider saddle. The bottom one is for HEM15/HEM27/HEM44 with convertible dovetail saddle.

The iGuider autoguiding system (#3660) includes an iGuider Scope (#3661) and an iGuider 1 Camera (#3662).

iGuide Scope:
Weight: 200 g (including iGuide Scope and iGuider camera)
Aperture: 30mm
Focal length: 120mm
Focal ratio: F/4

iGuider 1 Camera:
Pixel size: 3.75μm
Pixel array: 1280*960
Mega pixel: 1.2 MP
Chip size: 1/3”
Resolution: 6.44 arcsec/pixel (coupled with iGuide Scope)
Guiding method: Support Pulse Guiding (ASCOM Guiding), does not support ST-4 Guiding

Click below for Ioptron ASCOM driver

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