iOptron iGuide Autoguider System
 iOptron iGuide Autoguider SystemiOptron iGuide Autoguider System 

iOptron iGuide Autoguider System

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Model:  iop_iguide_3360
Part Number:  3360

NEW iOptron iGuide compact autoguider system.

Consists of portable mini guiding scope with a 30mm diameter and 120mm focal length (Part # 3361) and an iGuider-1 Camera (Part # 3362).

The resolution of the autoguider is 6.44 arc sec/pixel, making it especially suitable for guiding with short to medium focal length telescopes.

With dielectric AR-coated achromatic lenses, the iGuide Scope provides sharp images for high quality guiding. 

The iGuide autoguider can mate with iOptron CEM26/GEM28 mounts (no adapter required). It also includes a standard finder scope dovetail so easily fits telescopes that have a skywatcher/Synta style finder-scope shoe. 

The iGuider autoguiding system (#3660) includes an iGuider Scope (#3661) and an iGuider 1 Camera (#3662).

iGuide Scope:
Weight: 200 g (including iGuide Scope and iGuider camera)
Aperture: 30mm
Focal length: 120mm
Focal ratio: F/4

iGuider 1 Camera:
Pixel size: 3.75μm
Pixel array: 1280*960
Mega pixel: 1.2 MP
Chip size: 1/3”
Resolution: 6.44 arcsec/pixel (coupled with iGuide Scope)
Guiding method: Support Pulse Guiding (ASCOM Guiding), does not support ST-4 Guiding

Click below for Ioptron ASCOM driver

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