Astro Essentials CLS Filter 1.25'' v2
 Astro Essentials CLS Filter 1.25'' v2Astro Essentials CLS Filter 1.25'' v2 

Astro Essentials CLS Filter 1.25" v2

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Model:  ae_fltr_cls_125_v2

Astro Essentials CLS Filter 1.25" v2

The CLS (City Light Suppression) Light Pollution Filter is designed to improve the visibility of various deep-sky objects.

By selectively reducing the transmission of wavelengths of light pollutants, specifically those produced by artificial lighting, including mercury vapour lamps, both high & low-pressure sodium vapour lights and the unwanted natural light caused by neutral oxygen emission in our atmosphere (i.e. skyglow).

Together with the highly transparent in main nebula emission lines at OIII (496nm and 500nm), H-beta (486nm), NII (654nm and 658nm), H-alpha (656nm) as well as SII (672nm), the filter is suitable for enhancing the contrast and details for astrophotography.

Note: Image shown is the 2" Version

IMPORTANT: These Filters are NOT designed for observing or photographing the Sun. DO NOT use Astro Essentials filters to observe or photograph the Sun. If you do, it will result in permanent eye damage! 


  • High transmission of main nebula emission lines (i.e. H-alpha 656nm, OIII 496nm and 500nm, SII 672nm and H-beta 486nm
  • Suitable for use with colour CCD and CMOS cameras and modified DSLRs
  • Works well on most emission nebulae, planetary nebulae and supernova remnants.
  • Noticeable boost in contrast and visibility of the fainter outer detail
  • 1.25" or 2" Mounted Sizes.
  • Supplied in a protective plastic case 

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