Lunt White Light Herschel Solar Wedge
 Lunt White Light Herschel Solar WedgeLunt White Light Herschel Solar Wedge 

Lunt White Light Herschel Solar Wedge

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About this product

Model:  lunt_herschel_wedge_1.25
Part Number:  0558211

Herschel / Solar Wedges are used with refractor telescopes to observe or image the sun in white light. 

Unlike a front-mounted solar filter a Herschel Wedge filters the light just before it reaches the eyepiece or camera so provides higher contrast and greater detail. 

The Herschel Wedge suppresses ~95% of the light, a pre-installed ND3.0 strong grey filter dims the remaining 5%. 


  • Especially high-quality optical surfaces for very good contrast
  • Fully closed body with integrated heat trap
  • No stray light escapes so it is very safe
  • The necessary ND3.0 filter is built-in. 

Tuning the brightness

For visual use we recommend using a polarising filter fitted to your eyepiece, simply screw one to your eyepiece filter-holder then rotate the eyepiece until you achieve a comfortable brightness. Polarising filter not included. 


If you can reach focus for imaging using a standard star diagonal on your telescope,  you will be able to reach focus when imaging with a 1.25" Lunt Solar White Light Wedge. The 2" version may require additional in-focus travel to achieve focus.

Available in two sizes:  

2” (LS2HW) accepts 2” eyepieces (or 1.25" via your telescope's existing 2"-1.25" adapter) and has a 2” nosepiece for the focuser - performs best on refractors with 6” or less front aperture. 

1.25” (LS1.25HW) accepts 1.25” eyepieces and has a 1.25” nosepiece - performs best on refractors with 4” or less front aperture. 


1. The 1.25" model is suitable for use only with refractor telescopes up to 100mm aperture, the 2" model up to 150mm aperture. The full energy and heat of the sun will be inside the telescope so Lunt advise using only refractor telescopes with a Herschel Wedge. 

2. Not suitable for use with Petzval or other telescope designs with a rear lens element positioned close to the focuser drawtube. 

3. Not suitable for telescopes with plastic construction. 

4. Never mount a 2" filter in front of a Herschel Wedge! Any filter mounted into the full beam of Solar energy so near to the focus point will become extremely hot and damaged within seconds. Filters must only be mounted above the exiting side of the prism. 

5. Solar observing is dangerous and can be hazardous to eyesight. Safety is everyone’s responsibility, please use the correct equipment and read the safety notes supplied with the products carefully.

What's in the box

  • Lunt White Light Wedge (1.25″ or 2″)
  • ND3 Pre-installed Filter
  • Metal Carrying Case
  • Die Cut Foam with room for accessories

Downloads / Manuals

The following manuals and downloads are available for this product:


Lunt White Light Wedge Manual (PDF)

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20 May 2023  | 

Whilst not had time to properly use the wedge, everything is as I hoped for. Excellent service, as usual, from FLO!

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Very nice little wedge
18 June 2021  | 

I have the 1.25 inch version, which is all that most people will really need. There is not much point doing solar imaging with anything larger than 100mm diameter. This wedge is very small and light and gives very good quality images (better than solar film, for sure). I typically use it with a 1.25 inch Baader continuum filter (the greenish one). This filter must be on the eyepiece / camera side, of course. I have also used this little wedge with more specialised filters, such as CaK. One thing to be careful of is that the 1.25 inch fittings on the ends are not very tightly screwed in so if you have the wedge at an angle and you have something fairly heavy on the eyepiece side, it could rotate unexpectedly. I notice my William Optics dielectric wedge has 1.25 inch adapters that are completely fixed and can't rotate.

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Great upgrade from solar film
06 December 2019  | 

IMHO this gives a better view that solar film.
I use it with SW ED80 and OVL Hyperflex zoom EP.
All works really well.

Rating (max 5):  
First time since purchase
06 June 2014  | 

Just tried out the Lunt 1.25" solar wedge on my skywatcher equinox 80 refractor.
Using a moon filter and polariser with a 25mm eyepiece gave the best white light views of the sun I have ever experienced. Easily separating individual smaller sun spots and prenumbra along with good surface detail.
Attaching a qhy5l-ii mono allowed for 200 micro second imaging giving razor sharp images. The spots snap nicely into focus very easily.
Having tried solar film and glass filters this wedge out performs all.
Also works with Baader Calcium-K line filter (on a camera is essential) for even more stunning views.


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