Chelyabinsk Meteorite Pea
 Chelyabinsk Meteorite PeaChelyabinsk Meteorite Pea 

Chelyabinsk Meteorite Pea

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Sourced from Spacerocks UK

We source our meteorites from David Bryant at Spacerocks UK. David has been a meteorite specialist for over 15-years and is a well known and respected figure in the industry - you might have met him at an event or attended one of his talks.

Spacerocks UK are also members of the prestigious International Meteorite Collectors Association (IMCA) so offer a lifetime guarantee of authenticity with all of their meteorites.

If you are looking for something larger or more unique than the meteorites offered here please contact us, we will do our best to source something suitable.

Genuine examples of the Chelyabinsk LL5 chrondrite meteorite.

These are pieces of the Chelyabinsk meteor that entered Earth's atmosphere over Russia on 15th February 2013. Travelling at over 40,000 mph it quickly became a brilliant superbolide meteor over the Southern Ural region with light from the meteor appearing brighter than the Sun up to 100km away.

The object then exploded over Chelyabinsk Oblast at a height of around 18.4 miles, generating a bright flash, a hot cloud of dust and gas and many surviving fragmentary meteorites.

These make fantastic gifts for astronomers and people interested in space - children and adults alike!

Please note - meteorites are unique and come in different shapes and sizes. We have photographed a number intended to represent the meteorite you receive but the actual meteorite and packaging will differ slightly from those photographed. The price displayed is for a single meteorite. The cube in the photo is 1cm. 

Cometary regolith from the famous Chelyabinsk event.

A quantity of small, crusted stone meteorites were recovered from the snow around Lake Chebarkul and between the villages of Deputatsky and Emanzhelinsk following the explosion of a large aerial object on February 15th, 2013.

Despite an initial mass of over 10,000 tonnes, only a few kilograms of material have been located, mostly around 1cm in diameter.

It is probable, that the greater part of the object that entered the Earth's atmosphere was ice from a small cometary fragment and that the stones originated in the surface regolith of such a body.

Examples of the interesting LL5 chrondrite were collected from several different local meteorite collectors and dealers and are unreservedly guaranteed for authenticity by David Bryant of Spacerocks UK, the original import.

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Exactly as described
28 April 2018  | 

To own a real piece of this is great. Having watched the news as this came down.


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