NWA7977 Meteorite

NWA7977 Meteorite

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Sourced from Spacerocks UK

We source our meteorites from David Bryant at Spacerocks UK. David has been a meteorite specialist for over 15-years and is a well known and respected figure in the industry - you might have met him at an event or attended one of his talks.

Spacerocks UK are also members of the prestigious International Meteorite Collectors Association (IMCA) so offer a lifetime guarantee of authenticity with all of their meteorites.

If you are looking for something larger or more unique than the meteorites offered here please contact us, we will do our best to source something suitable.

Nice sized, small piece of HED achondrite (Diogenite) from the meteorite NWA7977 presented in an acrylic display box.

Found in March, 2013, NWA 7977 is a greenish diogenite, composed almost entirely of orthopyroxene. Some of our examples may contain translucent crystals that give them a pallasite-like appearance!

These make fantastic gifts for astronomers and people interested in space - children and adults alike!

Please note - meteorites are unique and come in different shapes and sizes. We have photographed a number intended to represent the meteorite you receive but the actual meteorite and packaging will differ slightly from those photographed. The price displayed is for a single meteorite. The grey cube in photo is 1cm. 

This attractive HED achondrite (Diogenite) was found by a local collector in the north-western Sahara in 2012. It was purchased by a Moroccan dealer who sent it to the USA for classification. It was added to the Meteoritical Bulletin in 2013.

A large number of pieces totally 3.4kg was recovered, composed of yellow-green crystalline material with pale orange weather products along numerous fractures. The meteorite presumably disintegrated into thousands of small fragments during its final plunge to Earth

This interesting Diogenite is composed almost entirely of translucent, yellow-green orthopyroxene with very sparse, tiny included grains of NI-free metal, troilite, chromite, anorthite, silica, polymorph and clinopyroxene. Secondary pale orange, clay-like deposits coat most of the fragments.

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