NWA869 Meteorite Slice
 NWA869 Meteorite SliceNWA869 Meteorite Slice 

NWA869 Meteorite Slice

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Sourced from Spacerocks UK

We source our meteorites from David Bryant at Spacerocks UK. David has been a meteorite specialist for over 15-years and is a well known and respected figure in the industry - you might have met him at an event or attended one of his talks.

Spacerocks UK are also members of the prestigious International Meteorite Collectors Association (IMCA) so offer a lifetime guarantee of authenticity with all of their meteorites.

If you are looking for something larger or more unique than the meteorites offered here please contact us, we will do our best to source something suitable.

Beautiful slice of stone L5, olivine bronzite chondrite from the meteorite NWA869 presented in an acrylic display box.

These intriguing meteorites often show carbonaceous inclusions and brecciation. They have a good crust, obvious chondrules and often show regmaglypting.

These make fantastic gifts for astronomers and people interested in space - children and adults alike!

Please note - meteorites are unique and come in different shapes and sizes. We have photographed a number intended to represent the meteorite you receive but the actual meteorite and packaging will differ slightly from those photographed. The price displayed is for a single meteorite slice. The Storm Trooper is not included ;-) 

This North West African common chondrite was purchased from a Berber collector, who obtained it in the region around Tindouf, to the South of Agadir. The exact location of the strewn field (discovered in 2000) has been kept a closely guarded secret by its finders!

NWA 869 is a much-studied meteorite, classified variously as L3 to L6: some examples show brecciation and higher metal content than others.

This meteorite seems to be an L4/5 and shows some regmaglypting and primary fusion crust. It is very difficult to date meteoric finds accurately, but it is not heavily weathered and probably fell to Earth less than 10,000 years ago.

Common chondrites consist of pieces of undifferentiated accreted material that formed within the solar nebula around 4.5 billion years ago: as such, they are among the oldest rocks in the Solar System.

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