Optec Pyxis 2 Inch - Adaptors
Optec Pyxis 2 Inch - AdaptorsOptec Pyxis 2 Inch - AdaptorsOptec Pyxis 2 Inch - Adaptors
Optec Pyxis 2 Inch - AdaptorsOptec Pyxis 2 Inch - AdaptorsOptec Pyxis 2 Inch - Adaptors

Optec Pyxis 2 Inch - Adaptors

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Model:  optec_pyxis_17633
Part Number:  17633

A range of adaptors for use with the Optec Pyxis 2" Field Rotator.

17633 Pyxis mount for M48x0.75mm threaded interface. 

17637 2-inch to OPTEC-2300 dovetail expansion collar.  Allows any 2-inch nosepiece to attach inside Pyxis 2” GEN3 rotator. Especially designed for Baader MPCC corrector.

17643 Pyxis QSI camera mount [OPTEC-2300 male dovetail // QSI 4-bolt pattern]

17644 Pyxis STL camera mount with OPTEC-2300 male dovetail.  [OPTEC-2300 male dovetail // SBIG STL 4-bolt hole mount]

17646 Pyxis T-thread camera mount.  This adapter allows use of NextGEN reducers to work with most SBIG cameras without CFW wheel. However, SBIG cameras using the CFW wheel must also purchase the 17654 extender tube. This moves the camera further back so that the CFW motor does not interfere with the Pyxis [OPTEC-2300 male dovetail // T-thread 42x0.75 mm male thread]

17647 Pyxis Pentax camera mount.  [OPTEC-2300 male dovetail // Pentax M42x1 mm male thread]

17648 Pyxis SCT short threaded camera mount.  Short threaded mount is intended to fit Apogee and similar cameras with the SCT 2-inch x 24 TPI thread [OPTEC-2300 male dovetail // 2-inch 24tpi SCT male thread] 17657 Pyxis SCT long threaded mount $60.00 Long threaded mount will fit the standard Meade/Celestron visual back, AO-7 and f/6.3 reducer. [OPTEC-2300 male dovetail // 2-inch 24tpi SCT male thread]

17649 Pyxis C-thread camera mount.  [OPTEC-2300 male dovetail // C-mount 1-inch male thread]

17650 Pyxis STL 2.156”x 24tpi male thread.  [OPTEC-2300 male dovetail // SBIG STL / QSI 2.156” x 24tpi male thread]

17654 Extender tube, 16mm length (OPTEC-2300 male dovetail to OPTEC-2300 female receiver). The extender tube moves the camera away from the Pyxis by 16 mm. Mounts between the camera adapter and Pyxis. This is sometimes needed if some member of the camera or camera filter wheel obstructs the Pyxis during rotation. In order for the CFW-8/9 filter wheel from SBIG to be used, this adapter must be added to the T-thread camera mount stock number 17646.

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