Opticron Telephoto Adapter 40215
 Opticron Telephoto Adapter 40215Opticron Telephoto Adapter 40215 

Opticron Telephoto Adapter 40215

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Model:  opticron-photo-adapter-40215

The Opticron Telephoto Adapter is an optical device optimised for photography. You simply remove the eyepiece, fit the Telephoto Adapter and attach your DSLR camera using a suitable T-Ring.

Focusing is is achieved via the telescope's focuser.

Your camera may need to be operated in 'Manual' mode, in some instances 'Aperture-Priority Auto' is also possible.

ISO settings of 400+ are recommended.

For best results mount the telescope on a tripod and use your camera's remote shutter release. 

Equivalent focal lengths when used with a full-frame(1) DSLR: 

HR 66  800mm / f.12
HR 80  900mm / f.11.3
ES 80  950mm / f.11.9
ES 100  1250mm / f.12.5
GS 52  530mm / f.10
GS 665  750mm / f.11.3
GS 815  950mm / f.11.7

(1) These are approximate figures based on a 35mm SLR camera. If using a DSLR camera with a smaller size image sensor the effective focal length will be increased. For example, a DSLR with an APS-C type sensor effectively increases the above focal lengths by a factor of 1.6x

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