TS Concenter Visus
TS Concenter VisusTS Concenter VisusTS Concenter Visus

TS Concenter Visus

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TS Concenter Visus

Specially designed for spectacle wearers and people with presbyopia (without the use of glasses), the VISUS offers the perfect option to look through the Concenter collimation eyepiece without bumping into the eyepiece with your glasses or finding the view only with difficulty. The rubber eyecup ensures this.

The distance from the eye to the Concenter disk has been extended to the technical maximum so that the circular disk can be perceived much more sharply.

In addition to the suitability for eyeglasses and the known features of the current TS Concenter-2z, a novel self-luminous function is added so that the concentric circles glow homogeneously in the dark. Batteries or other power sources are not required for this. The lens side of the Concenter Ray is held briefly under a blue or UV light source (white light), e.g. car interior lighting, flashlight or similar.

The concentric rings on the disk are now visible for about 5 minutes, greatly facilitating adjustment in the dark. External illumination with an astro lamp is also possible through a side opening.

TS Concenter - you cannot adjust a Newtonian more easily

The alternative to all collimation tools on the market! Now, the centre of the secondary is being considered (without a mark in the centre). The adjustment is being done with the fully illuminated focuser. Even the Newtonian offset is considered. Now, even beginners achieve a perfect collimation of their Newtonian telescope - even for astrophotography.

The Concenter eyepiece consists of a closed cylinder, similar to a Cheshire eyepiece. The crucial difference is the inserted disk.

You don´t need a centre mark on the secondary mirror for collimation. The collimation is made directly via the mirror's edge so that an exact congruence of the optical light is met, even regarding the offset. Now, you collimate significantly more precisely than with a laser; above all, you can be sure that the axis and the field are optimally adjusted.

A manual for collimating your Newtonian with the Concenter collimation eyepiece:

If you hold the adjustment eyepiece in your hand, you will notice a transparent plastic disc with a central bore and concentric engraved circles inset on the telescope side at the lower end. At the other end, you will find a small central hole so the eye cannot avoid centring when looking through. After inserting the collimation eyepiece into the focuser, you will see faint translucent rings in front of the telescope's optical components.

Collimation of the secondary mirror to the focuser for optimum illumination

This step is made with a covered primary mirror. Please ensure you have good illumination when using the concenter eyepiece. Now, the secondary mirror, a rectangular mounting of the focuser supposed, is adjusted so that it appears between the circles of the collimation circles and without offset. With the focus control of the focuser, you can bring the outer edge of the secondary mirror and the matching circle to cover. Even small deviations from the ideal position are recognised immediately. Doing this, you place the secondary mirror in the optimal position to the focuser to millimetre accuracy. This step is necessary only once; you can remove the cover of the primary mirror afterwards.

Alignment of the secondary mirror to the primary mirror

While looking into the eyepiece, the tilting is changed using the screws of the secondary mirror until the bright reflection of the primary mirror in the secondary mirror is concentric with the circles.

Alignment of the primary mirror to the optical axis

Shift the centre mark of the primary mirror precisely in the centre of the concentric circles by using the adjustment screws of the primary mirror cell. You will notice even the slightest deviation. After this, your Newtonian telescope will be perfectly collimated.


  • It fits into the 2" receptacle of the focuser
  • With high-quality protective container
  • You see immediately whether the telescope is perfectly collimated or not.
  • Adjustment is made via the mirror's edge, not a centre mark; this is much more precise.
  • The offset is also taken into account.
  • Suitable for eyeglass wearers
  • Phosphorescent and also externally illuminable circles


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