Pegasus Astro USB Control Hub
Pegasus Astro USB Control HubPegasus Astro USB Control HubPegasus Astro USB Control HubPegasus Astro USB Control Hub

Pegasus Astro USB Control Hub

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About this product

Model:  peg_uch
Part Number:  PEG-UCH

Pegasus Astro USB Control Hub

A USB 3.1 Hub Controller with individually switchable (ON/OFF) USB ports. 

A SuperSpeed (SS), low power, switchable USB 3.1 hub fully compliant with USB-IF’s USB 3.1 Gen1 specification.

The Hub supports Hi-Speed (HS), Full Speed (FS) and Low Speed (LS).

New SuperSpeed hubs operate in parallel with the USB 2.0 controller, so 5 Gbps SuperSpeed data transfers are not affected by slower USB 2.0 traffic. 


  • 6x USB 3.1 Powered Ports
  • Industrial Grade Temperature Support
  • Switchable USB Ports
  • High Quality, Robust Aluminium Enclosure
  • 12v DC Operation
  • Expansion Port (EXT)

6 x USB3.1 Active Ports

The device has 6 x USB 3.1 Ports. All are backwards compatible with USB 1.0 and USB 2.0 devices.

Each port can deliver up to 2.5 Amps of current.

A smart current limit sensor in every port automatically limits or cuts power in case of a short-wire or power consumption above 2.5 amps.

The USB Controller monitors each port and triggers a pop-up warning in the operating system in case of a current limit.

Industrial-grade temperature support

Four powerful Smart Mosfet transistors. Each one is capable of providing up to 7 Amps of current.

Sophisticated short circuit and overload per port protections cut the power and report the incident in the software.

Good quality metal output sockets provide reliability. 

Built-in Power Sensors

A precise voltmeter and an amp meter (which can measure up to 20A) measure and display your power input in real-time.

If the input is more than 14.5V, the power is instantly cut off to protect your equipment.

Individual Current Meter per 12V port and Dew Heaters

Every 12V output and every Dew Heater Channel has an internal and independent digital current meter. You can view each port’s power consumption in the software.

Other Key Features

Aluminium Enclosure

A robust, blue anodised aluminium enclosure (tested to survive ±5kV ESD strikes) houses the USB Hub electronics. 

Switchable USB Ports

Each USB port can be controlled and switched ON/OFF using Pegasus Astro's standalone software. No more pulling out and re-plugging USB cables!

12V DC Operation

Designed around 12V DC operation (most astronomy equipment requires 12V DC). The Hub accepts 12-14V.

Expansion Port (EXT)

RJ12 external ports enable future device expansion. 

Supported By


The device fully supports ASCOM switch, so you can switch ON/OFF each USB port via ASCOM-supported software.


USB Control Hub is fully supported by Indilib framework

Standalone Software

Switch ON/OFF USB Ports on demand.

Monitor USB Voltage levels.

Easily name each USB port based on the device attached to it.


Unity Platform Support

Pegasus Astro Unity Platform is a new all-around application. "We aim to provide a robust and modern application supporting current and future products under one roof".

A modern front-end enables complete control of all Pegasus Astro devices.

Moreover, a REST JSON API helps developers from 3rd party software to interact with Pegasus Astro products.

What's in the box

  • Control Hub Unit Enclosure
  • 1.5m USB3 Cable


USB Ports Six downstream USB3.1 Gen1/2.0 ports
USB Switchable Ports USB1-6. Switch ON/OFF Power & Data (each port can be switched individually)
DC Input 12-14V DC
Amperage on individual port 2.5 Amps each
Maximum Total Amperage: 8 Amps
Operating Temperature Industrial grade temperature support
(−40°C to +85°C)
Size 100mm x 72mm x 24mm / 3.9” x 2.8” x 0.94”
Weight 200g / 7 oz
Power requirements 2-10Amps (depends on the devices you are going to plug into USB ports and their power consumption)

Downloads / Manuals

The following manuals and downloads are available for this product:


Quick Installation Guide


Unity Platform

USB Control Hub for OSX (v1.2 / Mar/21)


Serial Commands Table

Python Control Script for the USB Control hub
(Many thanks to Pete Ingram for the development of this script)

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Almost Perfect
15 August 2022  | 

It was time to move away from flakey USB hubs purchased on Amazon and buy this. The Pegasus Astro USB Control Hub is a powered USB switch, with 6 x USB 3.1 ports in a rugged metal case. If you need to run devices at full 3.1 speed with power, outside, then this box is perfect, or almost. There are some things to be aware of... Firstly, it is powered, and without DC power it is a brick that does nothing, it won't even allow unpowered USB 2 devices to talk. So lesson 1 is buy this with a suitable 12v supply as extra (and the Pegasus Astro PSU can drive it at 10amps, which is more than enough). The second lesson is that this needs ASCOM 6.6 on your laptop if you want to manage it, so you might need to upgrade your software too. I did, it only took a minute, and I'm really pleased to say that not only does the custom Pegasus Astro software work but also NINA does too. NINA can monitor all 6 ports, turn them on and off, and report their power draw. Nice. The final lesson is that mounting this unit to your rig could be better - there are two tiny holes in the base, barely big enough for anything. I would love to see four standard side threaded holes to bolts. So the only practical way to mount it is with either Velco or cable ties.


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