Pegasus NYX-101 Harmonic Gear Mount
Pegasus NYX-101 Harmonic Gear MountPegasus NYX-101 Harmonic Gear MountPegasus NYX-101 Harmonic Gear MountPegasus NYX-101 Harmonic Gear Mount

Pegasus NYX-101 Harmonic Gear Mount

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Tim Jardine writing for BBC Sky @ Night Magazine

"With a name straight out of Greek mythology, where Nyx is the goddess of the night, the new NYX-101 is a harmonic drive mount from Greece-based Pegasus Astro.

We received the NYX-101 mount and matching Pegasus carbon-fibre tripod as a package and right away we were really impressed by the lightweight nature of both items and the quality of materials used, along with the attention to detail in the machining of the various components, even down to the locking power lead connector and easy-to-adjust alignment handles.

Both the mount head and tripod come with a protective carry bag, making them highly portable, with a combined weight of just 8.5kg. A huge benefit of harmonic drive mounts is that they don't require any counterweight system unless you are using really heavy equipment, making them exceptionally travel-friendly. In fact, there is no need for a counterweight or bar at all with loads of up to 20kg.


To really test the limits of the NYX-101, we brought out our Celestron 11-inch EdgeHD, a large telescope that with its accessories weighs over 15kg. It was not without some trepidation that we attempted the first slews with the scope in place. It seemed an unnaturally big load without any counterweights balancing it, but we need not have worried. The NYX-101 did not miss a beat, easily and accurately moving the mount between targets. In altaz mode, with an accurate setup and alignment, the Go-To performance was excellent, allowing us an enjoyable mini Messier marathon as we quickly hopped to various objects in the Unity app catalogue. Ideal as a travelling mount and capable enough for permanent observatory installation, Pegasus Astro's NYX-101 offers a modern, accurate and competitively-priced mounting option both for observers and astrophotographers." 

About this product

Model:  peg_nyx_101
Part Number:  PEG-NYX-101

Pegasus NYX-01 Harmonic Drive Mount with a Harmonic Gear Drive on both Axis

It can be used in both German Equatorial and ALT/AZ modes. 

Nyx, the ancient Greek goddess of the night, enlightened us to design and produce a high-performing, high payload mount that can easily carry imaging equipment up to 20 kg without needing a counterweight or shaft.

The Strain Wave drive on RA and DEC movement ensures a backlash-free operation with high torque at high payloads. A fully CNC machined aluminium alloy 6061 body, black and blue anodised, and a selection of branded parts (stepper motors, strain wave gear) inside the mount ensure the Nyx-101 will perform flawlessly for many years. 

The mount includes an electronic brake on the RA axis to prevent backsliding when power is off, and safety limit stops during slew or tracking. 

It requires 12V only for its smooth operation, so you can use your standard 12V battery. You won't need an additional converter. The mount consumes less than 0.6 Amps during tracking and up to 2.5 Amps during slewing.

It is supplied with a GX12-type power cable that securely locks onto the mount. Similarly, the USB type B special socket provides a secure grip. Both sockets are placed on the non-movable part of the mount, so there is no cable movement during slews and tracking. A second GX12 cable enables you to power your imaging equipment.

An integrated barometric sensor calculates atmospheric refraction corrections during mount tracking. (For smaller focal lengths, this is probably unnecessary, but if you have an SCT, you will notice a welcome change in your guiding performance).

Includes a low profile and rigid universal Saddle that accepts Vixen and Losmandy-type dovetails.

An ST-4 port is available at the back of the mount. The port is compatible with a simple hand controller or ST-4 guiding camera.

In the front of the mount is a place for the QHY Polemaster (adapter included), which enables you to perform a precise polar alignment required for imaging sessions.

A set of sensors enables you to orient the mount at the correct altitude and azimuth to have an initial, rough, polar alignment (for lower focal lengths such as camera lenses or visual observations ). The Pegasus mobile application guides you through this process.

Designed with reverse voltage polarity protection - a saver if you accidentally reverse battery polarity during the night!

Does not require counterweights for payloads up to 20 kg. However, if you wish to install counterweights for higher payloads there is a compatible M12 threaded shaft hole at the end of the DEC axis.

The mount fully supports ASCOM6 and INDI framework. Sky-Safari is also supported, enabling you to control the mount via your mobile device.

LX200 protocol is fully compatible with NYX-101. Sky-Safari works out of the box with the mount.

A mobile application for IOS and Android platforms enables you to control both axes of the mount, slew to installed catalogues of thousands of night sky targets and do a rough polar alignment through an electronic polar assistant.

Safety limit encoders on RA Axis prevent internal cable snags or tripod collisions.

An easy firmware upgrade process enables you to stay up to date with bug fixes and the latest features.


  • High Precision Strainwave Gears
  • Supporting High Imaging Loads - Up to 20kg without Counterweights
  • Lightweight Design
  • Built-in Wireless and USB Control
  • Equatorial or Altazimuth Mode
  • Power Off brake
  • DC 12 Volt Battery Operation
  • Secure Power and USB
  • Refraction Corrections
  • Universal Saddle Plate
  • Integrated ST-4 Autoguiding Port
  • Polemaster Adaptor
  • Electronic Assistant for initial Polar Alignment
  • Reverse Voltage Polarity Protection
  • Optional Counterweight Support
  • ASCOM,INDI, Sky Safari Support
  • LX200 Compatibility
  • Mobile Control
  • Safety Limits on Ra Axis
  • Firmware Upgrade



What's in the box

  • NYX-101 Mount
  • Soft Carry Case
  • 12v Power Supply
  • 1 x USB2 Cable (90°)


Material CNC machined 6061  aircraft aluminum alloy
Mount Mode Equatorial or Altazimuth
Mount Drive Strain Wave (Harmonic) Gear and Belt resulting reduction 500:1 (RA) and 300:1 (DEC)
Load Capacity 20 Kg without counterweights 30 Kg with counterweights
Weight 6.5kg
Safety/Power Off Brake On Ra Axis
Dovetail Vixen and Losmandy 3-inch
Ra Motor Resolution 0.10”
Max Slew 5.5 degs/sec
Power Voltage 12V DC unregulated 0.7A during tracking, 2Amps during slewing
Guide Port       ST-4
Counterweight Shaft       M12
Communication Wireless 802.11g and USB2
Operating Temperature -20° to + 50°C
Warranty 2 Years
Made In Greece

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