Rowan AZ100 GoTo Motor System
Rowan AZ100 GoTo Motor SystemRowan AZ100 GoTo Motor SystemRowan AZ100 GoTo Motor System
Rowan AZ100 GoTo Motor SystemRowan AZ100 GoTo Motor SystemRowan AZ100 GoTo Motor System

Rowan AZ100 GoTo Motor System

£1,195.00✓ 2 year warranty


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About this product

Model:  rowan_az100_motor_system
Part Number:  20631200a

Rowan AZ100 GoTo Upgrade for mounts already pre-fitted with Encoders.

This GoTo Motor upgrade can be fitted at home to the AZ100 Altazimuth Mount.

NOTE: This upgrade is for an AZ100 mount with Encoders already fitted. Mounts not fitted with Encoders will need to be returned to Rowan Engineering. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need Encoders fitted.


  • WiFi connectivity to SkySafari and built-in Motor Configuration page.
  • Works via AZ100APP on Android and IOS devices
  • Built-in mini-planetarium for 1 or 2-star alignment.

Power requirement: 12V DC @ 2 amp on 5.5mm DC jack with 2.5mm centre pin.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do encoders have to be already fitted?
A. Base mounts without encoders will need encoders to be fitted for the motor kits to work. Price £345 plus £40 fitting

Q. What Power supply is required?
A. The mount draws between 0.8 and 1.1A 12v DC - A 2Amp power supply is required. DC connector 5.5mm with 2.5mm centre pin. The power supply can be battery or mains powered.

Q. Does the mount require the handset to work?
A. No, the mount will work without a display of any kind in Quick Start mode.

Q. What is the quick start mode?
A. Quick start is where you set the OTA level and point south (or reference point). This provides a very quick ‘alignment’ sufficient for the mount to calculate the tracking rates when you are push-to observing. I.e. the mount will track the area of sky currently being observed. In this mode, a tablet or DSC is not required, so the mount can be set up for observing in a matter of minutes. Suppose you want the mount to make an automatic GOTO move. In that case, it will require a smartphone or tablet or DSC for accurate positioning a 2-star alignment, which is also quick as the alignment process is assisted by already having an approximate alignment provided by the quick start.

Q. Does the mount work with both Android and iOS?
A. Yes. You can also control the mount with a PC via WiFi.

Q. What functions do the built-in user interface and planetarium provide?
A. In addition to an object database and two-star alignment, the user interface provides various configuration settings such as slew speeds, acceleration rates, Quick Start ALT AZ reference point, database search and display magnitude filtering, virtual joystick settings etc.

Q. Can Sky Safari be used with the mount?
A. Yes.

Q. Can the Nexus DSC / DSC Pro be used with the mount?
A. Yes.

Q. Does the mount lose position if you manually push-to during a GOTO move?
A. The mount retains its position at all times. A 'fast' manual slew can also be made during a GOTO for rapid large angular moves.



Altitude Axis Spacer

The Altitude Axis spacer enables the use of longer dovetail bars when mounted on the left side of the mount for extra clearance where the motor is fitted.
The spacer is not required if using a D dovetail bar in a DV saddle on the left or any dovetail/saddle combination on the right side of the mount. 


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