Starfield 2'' Herschel Solar Wedge V2
 Starfield 2'' Herschel Solar Wedge V2Starfield 2'' Herschel Solar Wedge V2 

Starfield 2" Herschel Solar Wedge V2

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Model:  starfield_solar_wedge_2

This Starfield Optics 2" Herschel solar wedge enables you to safely observe and photograph sunspots and granulation on the solar surface. 

A Herschel solar wedge replaces your refractor telescope's regular 2" mirror or prism diagonal.

The Herschel optical system provides sharper views and images, with higher contrast and detail, than regular solar filters. 

Features include a CNC-machined chassis, a large prism and a fully multicoated optical system. 

Brightness is easily fine-tuned via the 2" polarising filter. Simply rotate the eyepiece holder. If you are imaging, you don't need to remove the camera. 

Light energy is directed into a Polycrystalline Ceramic diffuser plate at the rear of the Wedge. This, together with cooling vents above the ceramic plate, provides safe and efficient cooling. 

The Sun creates a bright spot on the rear diffuser. This spot can be used to centre the Sun in the field of view quickly and easily. 

Accepts both 2" and 1.25" eyepieces, with included adapter. 

Suitable for use with most modern CMOS cameras from ZWO or similar. 

Starfield Herschel solar wedge instructions pdf


  1. Suitable for use only with refractor telescopes up to 150mm aperture. 
  2. Not suitable for use with Petzval or other telescope designs with a rear lens element positioned close to the focuser drawtube. 
  3. Not suitable for telescopes with plastic construction. 
  4. Never mount a 2" filter in front of a Herschel Wedge! Any filter mounted into the solar energy beam so near the focus point will become extremely hot and damaged within seconds. Filters must only be mounted above the exiting side of the prism. 
  5. Solar observing is dangerous and can be hazardous to eyesight. Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Please use the correct equipment and carefully read the safety notes supplied with the products. 


  • Suitable for visual and imaging use
  • Built In ND3 Filter
  • Polarising filter enables brightness adjustment
  • 115mm optical back length allows for use with most refractors
  • Anti-reflection coated prism
  • 46mm clear aperture
  • 2" twist lock ring allows for fast accessory changes
  • Includes 2"-1.25" adapter

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