StellaLyra 1.25'' 3x TeleXtender
StellaLyra 1.25'' 3x TeleXtenderStellaLyra 1.25'' 3x TeleXtenderStellaLyra 1.25'' 3x TeleXtenderStellaLyra 1.25'' 3x TeleXtender

StellaLyra 1.25" 3x TeleXtender

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Model:  stellalyra_3x_125_tx_barlow

The Stellalyra 1.25" 3x Flat Field Tel-Extender is a premium quality image amplification lens ideal for high-resolution observing and imaging of the moon and planets.

This Tele-Extender lens features a four-element optical design that minimises field curvature and provides high-contrast images with excellent colour correction.  All optical surfaces are fully multicoated, and lens edges are blackened for maximum contrast.

The excellent edge-of-field performance and colour correction make the StellaLyra Flat Field Tele-Extender a good choice for shooting mosaic images. 

In addition, unlike a conventional Barlow lens, the amplification does not vary as the distance to the eyepiece or camera is varied.

A brass compression ring securely grips the eyepiece/camera without marring the nosepiece.

The nosepiece has a milled safety taper to prevent it from slipping out of the focuser and is threaded for 1.25" astronomy filters. 

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