StellaLyra 30mm Ultra Flat Field 2'' Eyepiece
StellaLyra 30mm Ultra Flat Field 2'' EyepieceStellaLyra 30mm Ultra Flat Field 2'' EyepieceStellaLyra 30mm Ultra Flat Field 2'' EyepieceStellaLyra 30mm Ultra Flat Field 2'' Eyepiece

StellaLyra 30mm Ultra Flat Field 2" Eyepiece

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Model:  stellalyra_uf_ep_30mm

StellaLyra 30mm Ultra Flat Field 2" Eyepiece

The 30mm StellaLyra Ultra Flat Field eyepiece provides a wide 70-degree FOV and excellent field curvature correction so stars are pin-sharp across the entire visible field, even in fast optical systems. 

All Ultra Flat eyepieces have fully multicoated optics and blackened lens edges for high light transmission and contrast. The colour correction is excellent.

They also have generous eye-relief so are comfortable for use even when wearing spectacles and a foldable rubber eyecup provides comfort and prevents glare from stray light.


  • 2" 30mm 70º Ultra Flat Field Eyepiece
  • 9 element / 5 group design
  • 70º Field of View
  • Fully multi-coated optics
  • Blackened lens edges
  • 22mm Eye Relief
  • Foldable rubber eyecups
  • Threaded for 2" astronomy filters
  • CNC machined aluminium body
  • Tactile rubber grip
  • Manufactured by United Optics

Eyepiece Field of View Simulator


Focal Length 30mm
Nosepiece Size 2" / 50.8mm
Apparent Field of View 70º
Physical Field Stop 30.4mm
Virtual Field Stop 36.3mm
Eye Relief 22mm
Optics Fully Multi-Coated, Blackened Lens Edges
Lenses 9 Elements in 5 Groups
Filters Accepts filters with 2" Threads (M48x0.75)
Accessories Two Lens Caps
Weight 550g

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First good eyepiece
01 February 2024  | 

FLO excellent service, very quick delivery.

I have a Sky watcher 200p Newtonian and only ever used the stock 25mm 1.25 for DSOs, I am also fairly new to astronomy. The Sky watcher 2 inch focus does not seem to hold the eyepiece so I had to quickly order a Astro Essentials 2-inch Compression-Ring adapter for Sky-Watcher Newtonians. Again fast deliver from FLO. The adapter does hold the eyepiece but it is literally at the very end of the eyepiece to achieve focus. I will have to order an extension tube as I am very nervous of dropping the eyepiece.

The weather in the NE of England kept me waiting to try the eyepiece out. On the two occasions I have got out with this eyepiece I have found it a huge step up. The viewing nights have both be nearly full moon and clouds spoiling the nights but the views of the DSOs have been the best I have experienced so far. I cant wait to get out to my dark sky site to really test it out. The Pleiades, Andromeda Galaxy, Hyadres and I thinks its called the double cluster have all been amazing. The stars at the edge of vision are sharp as far as I can remember, I will have to take more notice next time out and update the review.

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A worthy ocular
18 January 2024  | 

My old eyes have seen through enough UFF eyepieces claiming 'spectacular' views - few actually deliver. A few clear evenings recently gave this substantial individual a chance to earn its place in the box. A decent medium-range, flat field 70 degree 'piece is surprisingly hard to find among present-day offerings - but this was a pleasant (recommended by a friend) variant of a generic series out of China. A bit of research will reveal alternative, similar eyepieces with 'step - no step - tapered' 2" nose options (this one has no step) and note the price variation. FLO gets it right again... well worth the money.

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Stellalyra 30mm ultra flat field 2inch
28 November 2023  | 

This is a superb eyepiece the 80 degree apparent field of view was sharp across the whole field. Would highly recommend.

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SL 30mm UFF Eyepiece
01 June 2023  | 

A great low power wide field eyepiece that i added to my collection. Itís a very well corrected piece of glass that produces clear bright images. First class service from FLO again.

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21 January 2023  | 

Ordered a StellaLyra 30mm UFF from FLO last week, and it arrived by express courier the next day, and since than have been able to try it out a couple times through my 14 in Newtonian, and overall quite impressed. As mentioned in another thread, I have been looking for some time for a low power wide field eyepiece that is both not excessively bulky and heavy, and will be sharp to the edges of the field of view in an f5 instrument, and the StellaLyra 30 mm UFF comes close to achieving both these aims. At 550g (not including lens caps, 570g with) it is no lightweight, but this is about 2/3rds of that of my ES 24 mm 82 degree eyepiece or 35mm Panoptic, and about half that of a 31mm Nagler, or a 30 mm ES 82 degree.

Although the star images at the edge of the field of view through my f5 Newtonian were by no means perfect, they were noticeably superior to those in my ES 24 mm 82 degree eyepiece, and vastly superior to my 36 mm Baader Hyperion Aspheric. Although in the case of the former I was comparing an APFOV about 15% smaller, one thing I liked about the StellaLyra was that it had a sharply defined edge compared to the rather mushy edge of the ES 82 degree, and the whole of the field of view was immediately visible, as opposed to having to move the eye around in the case of the latter.

If anything the claimed 70 degree APFOV of the StellaLyra was a bit on the modest side, holding the two eyepieces side by side, the APFOV was noticeably larger than that of my 24mm Panoptic, similar to that of my 36mm 72 degree Hyperion Aspheric, and very close to that of my 17.5 mm 76 degree Morpheus. Before purchasing I was a bit worried that the actual APFOV might be significantly smaller that that claimed, as was the case with a StellaLyra 50mm Superview eyepiece that I once owned, which originally claimed to have an APFOV of 60 degrees, but turned out to be only around 45 degrees. With hindsight, I don't think that it is actually possible to produce a 50mm eyepiece with a 60 degree (or greater) APFOV in a 2in barrel.

Furthermore at £179 (from FLO) the 30 mm StellaLyra UFF, although not cheap and having a smaller APFOV, is quite modestly priced being just over half that of a 30 mm ES 82 degree, or 1/4 that of a 30 mm Nagler.



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