StellaMira 110mm ED f/6 Refractor Telescope
StellaMira 110mm ED f/6 Refractor TelescopeStellaMira 110mm ED f/6 Refractor TelescopeStellaMira 110mm ED f/6 Refractor Telescope
StellaMira 110mm ED f/6 Refractor TelescopeStellaMira 110mm ED f/6 Refractor TelescopeStellaMira 110mm ED f/6 Refractor Telescope

StellaMira 110mm ED f/6 Refractor Telescope

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About this product

Model:  stellamira_110mm_ed
Part Number:  S660G-A

Beautifully made 110mm f/6 ED doublet refractor with R&P Focuser. 

A classic! smiley

Features air-spaced fully multicoated optics with an ED glass lens equal to FPL-51 for sharp, high-contrast views virtually free of false colour. 

The sturdy 2.7" dual-speed Rack & Pinion focuser provides smooth, precise focus adjustments. 

Other features include a retractable aluminium dew shield, CNC Tube Rings and a Vixen-style dovetail for easy mounting on astronomy mounts.

For astrophotography, it can be used with an optional StellaMira 2" Field Flattener. An optional 2" 0.8x Reducer / Flattener is also available that reduces the f/ratio to f/4.8 for use with a DSLR camera or dedicated astronomy camera. Both will cover sensor sizes up to and including APS-C.

When used for visual astronomy, it provides beautiful views of the night sky. 

Includes aluminium carry case for safe, easy transportation. 

NOTE: Though not shown in photos, the telescope does include a 7" Vixen-type dovetail bar. 


  • 110mm Aperture
  • f/6 focal ratio / 660mm focal length
  • ED Doublet optics including 1x S-FPL-51 glass lens
  • Fully multi-coated optics
  • 2.7" Rack & Pinion rotatable focuser with Hybrid Drive
  • Dual-speed 1:10 Fine Focusing
  • Retractable dew shield (with aluminium cap)
  • CNC Tube Rings
  • Foam-lined aluminium carrying/storage case (72cm long, 24cm wide & 24cm deep)

Telescope Field of View Simulator

What's in the box

  • Telescope OTA
  • CNC Tube Rings
  • 7" Vixen-style Dovetail
  • 2" to 1.25" Adapter
  • Aluminium Carry Case


Type Refractor
Aperture 110mm
Focal Length 660mm
Focal Ratio f/6
Optical Construction

Air-spaced ED Doublet, Includes 1x ED S-FPL-51 lens

Lens Coating Fully multi-coated
Tube Material Aluminium
Focuser 2.7" Rack & Pinion Hybrid Drive Dual Speed
Fine Focuser 1:10
Accessories CNC Tube Rings & Vixen-style Dovetail
Case Foam Lined Aluminium Case (72 x 24 x 24 cm)
Length 550mm / 21.5" with dew-shield retracted
Weight (inc foot) ~5.2Kg


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12 November 2023  | 

Ive been looking to increase the aperture of my grab and go refractor for some time now. I was originally Looking at 102mm I currently have a Megrez 90. After reading the reviews on this scope I have to admit I was a little sceptical about getting so much scope for the price. Anyway after much deliberation I pushed the button and two days later it arrived. First impressions were good. I was not at all disappointed the fit and finish are superb.
I managed to first light this scope a couple of days back and was very pleased with the lack of chromatic aberration when pushing the power on Jupiter. Low power wide field views are as good as any. Bearing in mind I am purely a visual observer. I cant wait to get out with this scope again and seek out some more targets. Highly recommended.

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Worth the price
26 March 2023  | 

I decided recently to try out astronomical photography after using my telescopes for visual observation; I've never been much bothered by the residual chromatic aberration of simple achromats visually, but it was clear that something better would be needed for photographic purposes. The StellaMira was within my budget, met my requirements at a reasonable price and there were a couple of favourable reviews on the FLO website, so after making comparisons, I chose this model. After a few nights of good seeing in a northerly airstream, the skies clouded over on the day it was delivered, so testing had to be on a terrestrial subject with dark detail against a bright sky - some houses about 100 yards away with chimneys, aerials, and mosses with spore capsules on the roof ridge. The immediate impression with a 10mm eyepiece was that the image looked very clean at 66x, compared with the achromats, and I couldn't see any chromatic aberration, so I increased the eyepiece power up to a 2.5mm giving 264x, and still couldn't see any false colour. This was a (pleasant) surprise, but I made the same tests the following day, to be sure, with the same results. From what I'd read, an ED doublet lens wouldn't be quite as good a a true apochromat, but if there is a difference, it doesn't show with this 110mm objective. Some of the second series of tests were done with a prism diagonal, for convenience of positioning; these did show some chromatic aberration at higher powers, but this disappeared when I went back to looking straight through. I've not noticed this with achromats, so it seems the residual aberration with these was masking the fault of the prism. The much better correction of the ED lens showed it up clearly. I've since taken photographs of the same subjects using a Lumix GX7 micro four-thirds camera, to examine the results closely at leisure, and there is no trace of chromatic problems. The lens also covers most of the MFT frame sharply - I would have considered it to have been very good even if it had been designed specifically for the format. The mechanical quality of the telescope matches the optics, if my example is typical. The coarse focusing has enough weight to resist changes in focus by pressing on the drawtube, but is very smooth, and the fine focus can be moved with a fingertip. The focusing rack is a broad brass strip with obliquely cut teeth, and none of the gluey grease which is used on cheaper instruments. The whole telescope looks very well finished, and I don't think anyone could be be disappointed by what they get for their 799. On a few practical points, a diagonal or extension tube will be needed to focus with eyepieces. Given the very good colour correction, a mirror diagonal would be best. For photography, a 1.25" to T2 adaptor provided enough extension. A 50mm extension tube was long enough, just, for 1.25" eyepieces, but 70 or 80 mm was needed for the 2" fitting. I'm looking forward to some clear nights.

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Stellamira 110 mm refractor
24 February 2023  | 

Tested my stellamira 110 ED today just had a 20 minutes break in the clouds fitted with altair 2" herschel wedge and baader mark 4 zoom i was able to use the full range of the zoom.
I was very happy with the view of the sun that was clean and clear,this is going to work very well along with my H/A outfit will also be good for wide field and the moon.
Thanks for FLO good customer service.

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StellaMira 110ED
21 September 2022  | 

I'd been hankering after one of these scopes for a while as a replacement for my ST102, purely for use as a wide field, low power sweeper scope, paired with a SW 127 Mak on the other end of my Skytee. Yes, I'd been tempted and befuddled by all of the alternatives available but stuck to my original choice and pressed the button!

After the now expected smooth purchase and delivery experience from FLO and DHL, my scope arrived all boxed in cardboard, containing the aluminum case in which the scope lay cosseted in foam...good stuff! The first thing that struck me was how substantial it was and how beautifully made and finished. I'd only ever bought budget scopes before and this was my first premium scope (well premium to me at least) so I was pleasantly surprised in the jump in quality.

Conditions lately haven't been great so I only managed a few viewing sessions with the new scope alongside the ST102, just to (hopefully as I'd paid out 800 quid) see the differences between the two. I need not have worried as the SM was noticeably clearer and sharper, and an altogether more satisfying instrument to use.
As ever, FLO sent the obligatory clouds so that has limited use so far and we are now here just saying goodbye to Hurricane Fiona but I can't blame that on FLO!

My only annoyance with the scope was a self inflicted one as I declined to purchase the bundled vixen mounting bar with it. as I'd already purchased a nice red Askar Losmandy plate whilst in the US recently.. In my naivety I'd assumed that a universal plate would fit the SM but no such luck! The Askar plate had drillings at 88mm centre not 80mm, as the SM drillings on the tube rings. I guess I'll have to wait until FLO get stocks in again for the StellaLyra Losmandy plate with the correct spacings!

All in all, Im very happy with my purchase and am sure I'll get a lot of use and enjoyment out of it, which is the important thing.


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