Unistellar Odyssey Smart Telescope
Unistellar Odyssey Smart TelescopeUnistellar Odyssey Smart TelescopeUnistellar Odyssey Smart Telescope

Unistellar Odyssey Smart Telescope

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Unistellar Odyssey Smart Telescope

Introducing ODYSSEY: Perfect for those seeking versatility in observing planets and deep-sky objects with a single, portable telescope. Its optimal size and weight make it easy to transport anywhere, while its automatic features eliminate the need for adjustments - start exploring the universe effortlessly.

  • Observe via your mobile device or tablet.
  • Free iOS & Android App available.
  • Access the sky catalogue, click & observe.
  • See nebulae, galaxies, planets, and the moon with vivid colours and intricate details.
  • Experience live image processing for a stunning observation and easy image sharing.
  • Premium high tripod included.

Everything you need to know about Unistellar's Odyssey telescope

Digital technology and the development of smartphone/tablet applications have been changing the world of Astronomy for several years. Unistellar, a French start-up, has taken this philosophy further by making its telescope a concentration of unique patented technologies. The eVscope/eQuinox (Enhanced Vision Telescope) ranges are the culmination of 5 years of research and development and were launched by four French people to enable everyone, including those new to astronomy with a curiosity about the night sky, to embark on the discovery of space and its wonders ... without having any knowledge in this area. The Odyssey telescopes have been added to this brilliant family with several innovations, including the absence of collimation. For amateurs or experts, Unistellar telescopes are quick instruments to set up (in addition, for example, to your current equipment).

The Odyssey is an 85mm diameter telescope (the size of its primary mirror) on a dual-axis motorised altazimuth mount, "Newton" configuration, with a digital camera in place of the secondary mirror. The image captured by the camera is transferred to an onboard computer, which renders the image through an algorithm to your tablet or smartphone.

Iris Nebula taken with Odyssey Telescope.

Using the "Unistellar" application under Google Play Store (Android) or iOS (Apple), choose the imaging mode (Enhance) to accumulate the light of a galaxy, nebulae or comet for several minutes to photograph it in detail. The Odyssey takes care of preprocessing (to limit noise) and processing, making objects invisible to the naked eye visible.

Nikon High Precision Optics: a revolution in the world of telescopes

Nikon High Precision Optics is a true technological revolution shaking up the world of telescopes. The Odyssey telescopes are the first of their type that do not require manual adjustments. Nikon developed the idea of sealing the mirrors in the optical tube using a high-tech process. This technology ensures perfect alignment between the mirrors and the optical tube in a durable manner, regardless of temperature variations or vibrations to which the telescope is subjected during transport.

Simplified installation

One of the pitfalls of 'traditional' telescopes is their installation (initialisation). The Odyssey offers the simplest solution available! After connecting your smartphone via Wifi to the Odyssey, you will aim at any region of the sky using the virtual joystick. It then automatically recognises the field by comparing it to the 10 million stars in its database. In a few seconds, the device is configured and provides tracking with compensation for the rotation of the Earth; you can then choose a target from its catalogue of +5,000 celestial objects: a planet, comet, galaxy, nebula or a star cluster.

Ergonomically, the Odyssey is so compact that it fits into a medium-sized hiking backpack, making it the ideal companion for impromptu observation evenings, even on vacation. A tripod is included as standard, as is a Bahtinov mask (in the dust cover), a practical tool for perfecting focus (sharpness of images).

Participatory science

In partnership with the SETI Institute in the United States , you can even leverage the power of your Odyssey to join a community of thousands of users to witness rare astronomical events, such as comets, supernovae or exoplanet transits, while collecting data that allows scientific study.

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