Vaonis Vespera Dual Band Filter
Vaonis Vespera Dual Band FilterVaonis Vespera Dual Band FilterVaonis Vespera Dual Band Filter

Vaonis Vespera Dual Band Filter

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Model:  vaonis_vespera_dual_band
Part Number:  AC022

Vaonis Vespera Dual Band Filter

The Vespera Dual Band Filter is a dual narrowband interference filter that will significantly improve your photo quality whether you are viewing from an urban or natural environment.

By selecting very precisely the wavelengths of Hydrogen Alpha (H-alpha) and Oxygen III (O-III), found mainly in nebulae, the filter increases the contrast between the Stellar object and the sky background. Images made using this filter are of higher quality, with sharper stars and finer detail.

  • Significantly improves photo quality
  • Ideal for nebula photography
  • Increases the contrast between the sky background and the stellar object
  • Refines stars and details

Keep only the essential

The Dual Band filter has been designed to allow only two particular wavelengths to pass through to the Vespera sensor:
– H-alpha

Due to the filtered wavelengths, it is particularly effective for photographing nebulae in emission (e.g., Orion nebula M42, Heart nebula IC 1805 …), dark nebulae endowed with hydrogen (e.g., Horsehead or Elephant’s Trunk nebula…), planetary nebulae (e.g., Owl nebula M97, Dumbbell nebula M27…), supernova remnants (e.g., Veil nebula, Crab Nebula M1…).

For globular clusters (e.g., Hercules cluster M13, cluster M92…), the Dual Band filter's selectivity will help you obtain sharper stars.

A filter specifically studied for Vespera

Our engineers have specifically studied the optical quality of the Dual Band filter to offer use at full aperture without any impact on the optical diameter of the instrument. The lens ring has an electronic micro-card that allows Vespera to detect the Dual Band filter and adapt its observation and image processing parameters.

Transmission curve

The filter features 12nm of bandwidth in each wavelength (O-III = 500.7nm, H-alpha = 656.3nm).

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