William Optics Pleiades 111 F4.8 Astrograph
William Optics Pleiades 111 F4.8 AstrographWilliam Optics Pleiades 111 F4.8 AstrographWilliam Optics Pleiades 111 F4.8 AstrographWilliam Optics Pleiades 111 F4.8 Astrograph

William Optics Pleiades 111 F4.8 Astrograph

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Model:  wo_pleiades_111
Part Number:  T-P-111BU

William Optics Pleiades 111mm F4.8 Astrograph

William Optics introduce the latest in its range of innovative WIDF Instruments.

This innovative design combines a precision (patented) internal focusing mechanism and premium 7-element (Septuplet) apochromatic optics with FPL-53 glass.

Designed to handle the newest generation of large, heavy, high-resolution cooled cameras.

The focuser is integrated inside the main tube assembly, so no focuser drawtube movement is visible from the outside.

Enjoy the benefits of a traditional two-speed fine focuser without the limitations found in conventional rear-mounted focusers. 



Featuring a 7-element (Septuplet) apochromatic design, the Pleiades 111 works at the fast focal ratio of F4.8 and provides a wide and flat field suitable for use with large sensors.

With a focal length of 528 mm, the Pleiades 68 provides a wide field of view and is ideal for widefield imaging.

Other features include a camera angle rotator and tilt adapter.

Spot Diagram



Focuser Adjustment

Tilt Adjuster

Fitting a ZWO EAF Motor Focuser

Please Note: William Optics are using a new lens cell design in this Pleiades series telescope that incorporates high-quality FPL-53 glass for superior optical performance. Before storing, please allow sufficient time for the optics to acclimatise to room temperature. The telescope must be thoroughly dry and free of moisture or dew (condensation) before storing. This ensures the safety and longevity of the telescope's components. 

Always store the telescope at a consistent temperature and in a dry environment to prevent any potential damage to the optical elements. Remember to leave the tube uncovered and opened during the acclimatisation period. As always, taking appropriate care of your telescope will ensure its optimal lifespan.

What's in the box


  • Pleiades 111 F4.8 Optical Tube
  • Tube Rings
  • Dew Shield
  • Dust cover with Bahtinov mask
  • Cat Handle
  • Losmandy-style Mounting Plate
  • M48 and M54 Adapters.
  • Soft Case


Aperture 111 mm
Focal length 528 mm
Focal ratio  f/4.8
Image circle >Full frame (45mm)
Focuser WIFD (WO Internal Focuser Design) compatible with EAF
Retracted length 645 mm
Extended length 785 mm
Dew shield circumference 493 mm
Dew shield diameter 155 mm
Weight OTA only 7.955kg / 17.54lbs
Weight OTA with rings, dovetail and saddle 10.315kg / 22.74lbs


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