ZWO EAF Bracket for Sky-Watcher Esprit, Takahashi & Vixen VC200L

ZWO EAF Bracket for Sky-Watcher Esprit, Takahashi & Vixen VC200L

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Model:  zwo-eaf-brk-tk
Part Number:  ZWO-EAF-BRK-TK

Bracket for the ZWO Electronic Auto Focuser fits Takahashi, Sky-Watcher Esprit, Vixen VC200L & Orion ED80T.

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ZWO EAF and A Takahashi Epsilon 180ED
23 June 2023  | 

I bought this to connect my ZWO EAF to my Takahashi Epsilon. The only bit that I needed was the connector/coupler because the Tak has a large diameter focus shaft. So I used the original plate and the new coupler. It works really well.
The only problem I have is needing to move my EAF to other scopes when I want to use something other than the Tak. I think another EAF purchase is on the cards!
As usual FLO were really helpful in getting me set up with this and the delivery was fast.

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Easy to fit to Esprit 100
08 September 2022  | 

As always, excellent service from FLO. The bracket fitted perfectly to the scope and now I can use the ZWO Auto focuser. Still awaiting a clear night but have tested the focus movement via the ASIAir and all seems ok.

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Bracket just fine for Esprit 120ED
30 June 2022  | 

This bracket worked very well with my Esprit 120ED. As usual documentation supplied left a lot to be desired however there are some excellent youtube videos to instruct.

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ZWO - Takahashi bracket that fits SW Esprits
11 March 2022  | 

Purchased this item along with the EAF 5V to fit on my SW120ED. Checked the pieces over, mounting faces are true and square, when bolted up with the socket screws the assembly forms a perfect 90 no twists/warps
Mounting the bracket was exceptionally easy, I was able to align bracket perfectly with helinear focuser shaft of the Esprit. A point to note . The supplied long screws are 38.5mm in length, This seems to be on the limit for the tappings in the helinear body check out first.
As was expected I did not need the coupler supplied with the Tak bracket (incorrect bore size for SW) but did use the no. 3 size from the EAF set of 4 which fitted very well
Mounting the coupler such that it did not bind with the inner recess bosses of both focuser body and EAF did compress the helical spring section of the coupler by a small amount (~0.5mm)
The bracket components are well made and fit the Esprit 120ED with ease no drilling required on your expensive telescope!
As with my comments on the ZWO 5V EAF this was money well spent
FLO, once again you have given excellent service & delivery

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Esprit fitting kit for ASI EAF
28 January 2022  | 

All fine except the flexible coupler provided in this kit binds in a Esprit 120 focuser. Use one of the spare ones from the ASI EAF kit and all works fine. The long bolts are a bit long - pad with a washer or two. waiting for a clear sky -AGAIN!

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Perfect for Skywatcher 80 ED PRO
17 November 2021  | 

This bracket is a perfect fit for a ZWO EAF on Skywatcher 80 ED Pro as the bracket in the zwo kit does not allow it to be secured to any existing bolt positions as too narrow.

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Fitting to SkyWatcher 150mm Esprit
06 July 2021  | 

I'd read some posts about the early incantation of this product not fitting SkyWatcher Esprit telescopes, the slotted plate not being wide enough. I can confirm that this version, with a wider plate does fit my new 150mm Esprit, although I should add that the scope arrived fitted with a rack and pinion focuser and not the Linear Power Focuser as described. The M4 screws supplied with the kit are a little long, but a couple of spacer washers sorted that and you need to use one of the flex drive connectors from the EAF kit, not the one supplied with the bracket. Other than that it works well and as usual good advice and support from the team at FLO.

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EAF Mounting bracket
02 June 2021  | 

This did the job on my Skywatcher espirit 80 pro. It used one of the flexible couplers that came with the EAF and not the one supplied with the new bracket. It's nicely made with a good finish. Fitting it required guesswork as no instructions are provided, (probably due to the many variations possible). Some guidance would have helped though. A good buy though and the focusser moves very smoothly.

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Mounting a ZWO EAF unit to a Skywatcher Esprit Refractor
05 November 2020  | 

I have seen comments that this bracket is a compromise and might not work. I have to say it does the job perfectly well, but the only item required in the purchased package is the 5mm base plate which has parallel slots cut into it. Use this together with the motor mounting plate and one of the shaft couplers supplier with the EAF (not this kit) and two 35mm M4 allen head bolts (that you will need to purchase separately) and the EAF can be installed. The plate is only supported by these two bolts near the edge of the focuser, but because the coupled motor shaft also adds support to the EAF this appears adequate. The installed EAF appears to be operating smoothly and has helped produce some excellently focused images.


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