ZWO ASI 6200MM-Pro Full Frame USB 3.0 Mono Cooled Camera
ZWO ASI 6200MM-Pro Full Frame USB 3.0 Mono Cooled CameraZWO ASI 6200MM-Pro Full Frame USB 3.0 Mono Cooled CameraZWO ASI 6200MM-Pro Full Frame USB 3.0 Mono Cooled CameraZWO ASI 6200MM-Pro Full Frame USB 3.0 Mono Cooled Camera

ZWO ASI 6200MM-Pro Full Frame USB 3.0 Mono Cooled Camera

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Ian says

"The ZWO ASI6200MM Pro is one of the very best 'full-format' monochrome cameras available. 

With Sony’s latest back-illuminated IMX455 full-frame sensor, with native 16-bit ADC, it is a very sensitive camera! 

It also has very low dark noise and zero amp glow, so the images are nice and clean.

The Full-format sensor covers a wide area of sky, with nearly all telescopes, and the small 3.76um pixels provide high resolution, even with short focal length telescopes.

The ASI6200MM Pro works especially well with 'flat field' astrographs and large well-corrected Cassegrain telescopes, including the largest StellaLyra 16" F8 Richey-Chrétien." 

About this product

Model:  zwo_asi6200mm-pro
Part Number:  ZWO ASI6200MM-P

Features Sony's highly sensitive full-frame 62MP IMX455 sensor, 2-stage TEC cooling and zero amp glow! 

The ZWO ASI 6200MM Pro uses Sony’s latest back-illuminated IMX455 Full Frame format native 16-bit ADC sensor with 3.76 µm pixels, ultra-low 1.2e readout noise and zero amp-glow.

Beautifully made, with a red-anodised machined aluminium body:

ZWO has worked hard to reduce weight while improving performance. Years of accumulated experience and experimentation have enabled them to design and manufacture the ASI 6200, weighing only 0.7 kg.

Full Frame format:

The ASI 6200MM Pro uses a full-frame format, the sensor length and width are 36mm x 24mm, and the diagonal is 43.3mm. This is a 62MP camera with a small pixel size of 3.76um that can accommodate a large well depth of 51.4ke.

All ZWO cameras include a 2-year warranty. 


  • Sony IMX455 Sensor
  • 9576x6388 3.76 μm Pixels
  • 256MB DDR3 Memory Buffer
  • Zero Amp Glow!
  • Regulated two-stage Tec-Cooling: 35 degrees below ambient temperature
  • Extremely low read noise - 1.0-3.5e
  • 16Bit ADC - provides real 16bit dynamic range
  • Electronic shutter - no issues with vibrations sometimes found in mechanical shutters
  • USB3.0 Port (back compatible with USB2.0)
  • AR-coated protective window - all light can pass
  • Compatible with Windows / Mac OS / Linux

Native 16bit ADC

ASI6200MM Pro is our first batch of CMOS astronomy cameras with 16-bit ADC. This 16-bit ADC is not a CCD 16-bit ADC; it achieves a real dynamic range output of 14 stops. This significantly improves image sharpness and contrast and provides smoother, more natural colour changes.

IMX455 backlit sensor

Sony’s back-illuminated CMOS image sensor improves sensitivity and noise reduction – the key factors to enhancing image quality, while radically realigning their fundamental pixel structure from front-illumination to back-illumination. It has retained the advantages of CMOS image sensors, such as low power consumption and high-speed operation.

With a conventional front-illumination structure, the metal wiring and transistors on the silicon substrate surface that form the sensor’s light-sensitive area (photo-diode) impede photon gathering carried out by the on-chip lens. A back-illuminated structure minimises the degradation of sensitivity to optical angle response while also increasing the amount of light that enters each pixel due to the lack of obstacles, such as metal wiring and transistors that have been moved to the reverse of the silicon substrate.

Sony has newly developed a unique photo-diode structure and on-chip lens optimised for back-illuminated structures that achieve higher sensitivity and a lower random noise without light by reducing noise, dark current and defect pixels compared to the conventional front-illuminated structure.

DDR Memory Buffer

ZWO Pro cameras feature a 256MB DDR3 memory buffer to enable data transfer stability and reduced amp-glow caused by the slow data transfer speed when using a USB 2.0 port. 

Camera Field of View Simulator

Camera Performance

The ASI6200MM Pro has excellent performance with a dynamic range of up to 14 stops. When the gain value is 100, the magical HCG high gain mode is turned on, the readout noise is significantly reduced, and the dynamic range is basically unchanged. It is recommended to set the gain to 0 or gain 100 in deep space.

QE Curve

The QE peak value of the ASI6200MM Pro is above 80%.

Zero Amp Glow

Traditional CMOS sensors produce a weak infrared light source during operation, often seen in the corner of uncalibrated images as the telltale signs of ‘amp glow’. As the ASI6200MM Pro uses zero amp glow circuitry, you won’t have to worry about amp glow even when using high gain, long exposure imaging.

With amp glow – exposure 300-second exposure:

ASI6200 frame with no amp glow – Exposure 300 seconds:


ASI6200MM Pro has a polyimide heater that can avoid any dew problems.

The anti-dew heater, which completely fits the protective window, will heat it to avoid any dew problems.

The heat anti-dew heater power is around 5W and can be turned off in software to save power.

Two-stage TEC cooling, ultra-low dark current

ASI6200MM Pro uses two-stage TEC cooling to lower the CMOS sensor temperature to more than 35c below ambient, significantly reducing dark current generation and sensor noise even with extended exposure times.

The unique dark current suppression technology can even further reduce dark current noise.

At a cooling temperature of 0 °, the dark current noise is only 0.003e/s/pix. This means 300s exposure can only cause 0.9e dark current noise, which is negligible!

Note: We recommend using an external 12V power supply to power the camera instead of USB 3.0/2.0 only

ASI6200 vs KAI11002

Mechanical Diagram

Connecting Diagram

  1. Nikon-M54 adapter
  2. EOS-M54 adapter
  3. Nikon lens
  4. Canon lens

What's in the box

  • ASI6200MM-Pro Camera
  • Soft Padded Case
  • 2-metre USB 3.0 Cable
  • USB 2.0 Short Cable x2
  • T2 Extender 21mm
  • T2-M48 16.5mm Extender
  • M54-M48 21mm Extender
  • M42-M48 Adapter
  • 2" Cover
  • Allen Key

Downloads / Manuals

The following manuals and downloads are available for this product:


ZWO Software and Drivers


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ZWOAsi6200MC Camera
02 October 2022  | 

I have been using this camera for just over a year now with my Sharpstar PH140 Refractor and my Redcat71. This camera is superb for full frame imaging, along with the Asiair Plus a great camera which I highly recommend.

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The best monochrome camera on the market?
24 March 2022  | 

I ordered the camera on Monday and it arrived on Friday in France. Great service again from FLO. I also ordered the ZWO 5x2" filter wheel and a set of ZWO LRGB filters. With the Asiair Plus this is a fantastic setup. All work together flawlessly. I was a bit surprised that I could plug in Samsung 1TB SSD to the USB 2.0 port of the ZWO 6200 camera and get all photos stored there! No need for SD cards and card adapters. The Asiair Plus ports are all used, two USB 3.0 ports are for the ZWO ASI 6200 camera and the ZWO 120 MC guide camera, one USB 2.0 for the HEQ5 mount (with the Lynx cable) and the last USB 2.0 port for the filter wheel. Therefore I plugged the SSD directly to the camera. Now I need to get the ZWO EAF autofocus system to check the focus after every filter change! I got my first Horse Head nebula photos last night with RedCat 71. Amazing image quality, I could not be happier. Thank you FLO! I was a bit concerned ordering from a UK company with delivery to France due to Brexit. No problems at all, DHL sends me a message to pay the French VAT and I pay it online. No delays, no problems with importing here.


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